I’ve never shook the hand of a King or bowed to a Queen.
I watched a wall built to separate east and west .
And I watched  the wall come down.


I have never been rich, nor have I ever been poor.
I have seen the mighty carvings of the Presidents in a mountain.
I flown almost all the way around the world.


I do not know how many people I have met.
I know that it is more that I could ever count.
Each one has touched me in some way for that I thank them.

I joined the Army. Not sure it meant much at the time.
They gave me a lot places to go and things to see.
It’s just something in the past now.


I have been married twice. And the second time took.
I have a beautiful  daughter and three wonderful grandsons.
Those are in the present.


I suppose you could say I have had a full life.
If seems short to me when I look at it.
But when I look at all I have done, I wonder when I had the time to do it all.


,I have Thanked God for the many days he has given me to discover just how wonderful this world is.
I pray that when he takes me home that I may live in his house with many rooms.


I have never stood on the shore of Galilee but someday I will.
I have never prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane but I will.
I have never been to heaven ,  but I will.


My Lovers Prayer

To hold me,
Touch me,
Kiss Me,
Hear my voice one more time.

To see me smile,
To hear me laugh,
To feel my gentle touch,
To make love.

To never let go.
To make me understand,
To give me love never dying.
To say “I Love You.”

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Lover, My Live, My Wife.
My Lover’s Prayer.
My Lovers, A Life that would never end.

My Lover’s Prayer,
To go back and start this all over.
My Lover,

Did it really end?
Gone now.
Hearts broken,
A cold stone,
A Name of Long Ago,

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Prayer.




When The Rain Comes

The new rain brings new life.
The sun warms the growing plant.
It blooms and becomes natures food.

The wind blows and the pollen travels.
It lands yet another field to help life grow.
And again the rain falls to bring new life.

Yet, where is that laughter?
Where are the people?
Where have the children gone?

The trees have leaves,
The grass is green,
The food is there for the picking.

Yet, there is no one there to pick it.
There is no one playing.
No one working.

The houses are empty.
The window pains are broken.
The doors are left ajar.

As a line in a song once said.
“Where have all the young men gone?”
Where has all the beauty of the earth gone?

We could say a war or a atomic blast took it all.
Or that a virus killed everyone and left a barren planet.
Yet we do not know when or how it became this way.

Maybe it was time and the rapture came.
All those left went to heaven or fell to the depths of hades.
Yet the plant life still grows and dies as it has for millions of years.

Waiting, waiting for the return.
It knows. It knows all.
Someday the laughter will come.

And when it does thing will change.
Love will bloom where hate once stood.
Good will be done where evil once ruled.

When that day comes things will change.
The silence will stop and laughter will be heard again.
And wars will never be heard of.

The new rain brings new life.
The sun warms the growing plant.
It blooms and becomes natures food



From the top of the tree you can see.
A beautiful world that was given to you and me.

Dominion over this planet from sea to sea.
In charge of taking care of where we live you see.

A cross they hung him from on that day.
To save us from sin and regret we live in our own way.

A message was given and a life taken.
The ground shook and graves opened.

Three days passed and to the faithful he came.
His promise fulfilled and his instructions sealed.

The torment of the One will try those who wait.
His power of deception is great.

Some will fall under his spell.
Those that bow to him will burn in Hell.

Tormented and silenced the faithful will win.
For the Evil One can never win over their Faith.

The night will end and the star will appear.
The breeze will blow and peace will come.

The House with many doors will open.
Those who are faithful unto then end will enter this place.

For this is where the beginning never ends.


Credit: Stock Photo


Forever Lost In Love

The sun warm coming through the window.
The water front foam rolling onto the shore.
The smell of coffee fills the house.
Yet, the bed is missing an important part.

How long has it been?
How much has it hurt?
How many times has warmth turned to cold?

It seems it was just yesterday her smile would wake him.
The sun seemed to make her want to finish what went on last night.
The coffee was never made until the bedroom was quite.
And two naked bodies lay rolled into one.

It was just yesterday when the call came.
She was planting flowers in the planters.
There was nothing they could do.
He dropped the glass and fell to his knees.
That was all he could do.
His world had just ended.

He was numb for months and his work suffered.
His house was a mess.
He walked from the bedroom to the coffee.
Only to the bathroom and closet and office.

What would he do?
No more morning flings.
Or laying rolled naked in silence.
His days did not matter.
And today his life seemed it was through.
He never felt more like life did not matter.

He lays looking out the window.
Yet there is nothing to see.
He lays in the bed.
Without a reason to get up.

And now alone.
What comes now?
His high school sweetheart.
The one he married.
The one he loved.
The one he lived for.


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It’s Cloudy Outside

It doesn’t take long,
But years may go by.
You will learn it quickly,
But you will be old when you understand.

It is cloudy but it doesn’t rain,
It is sunny but it is cold outside.
A turn of the dial does not mean  you are there.
It only means the turned the dial.

How long do we seek?
Without finding what we seek.
How long do we weep.
For those we have lost.

It doesn’t take a long time.
It just takes time.
We may not understand the meaning of  time.
But someday we will understand.

We long for answer.
We wish for understanding.
We dream of the passion.
We are souls in a journey.

Lost in the many paths.
The roads are narrow,
And the journey is long.
If we find the answer,
Will it end question?

A time that never stops,
Gets in our way.
We wanted everything yesterday.
And when it has passed.
It is gone, never to come again.

It doesn’t take long,
But years may go by.
You will learn it quickly,
But you will be old when you understand.

Take the moment for what it is.
For in that moment it is yours.
And in that moment is yours to take.

It is all up to you.

Take My Hand

Take my hand and take a walk with me.
See the trees and the grass so green?
Look up at the clear blue sky.

This is what I remember so long ago.
Did you see it too?
When you were a child did you laugh?
Did you play under a clear blue sky?

Walk with me, there is more to see.
Over this hill was a big pond we swam in.
We stripped down and would laugh for hours.
No one knew we were here and we dare no tell.

See that clearing over there?
We rode our horses looking for gold.
We rode so much looking for so many things.
When we woke up our legs and hind side hurt.

See the Dream Catchers in the trees?
See the feathers and rock on the stones?
See the wooden toy?

Come I have one more place to show you.
This is where are friends are.
Look can you see wind surrounding us?
Do you feel different here?

Can you see anything?
Is there something touching you now?
Does it make you feel calm.
Does it take your fear away?

Many souls protect this sacred soil.
They have accepted you.
You will now see them as they move.
But you will never tell anyone.

This is your Totem, your next step.
There will be more so be open when it comes.
Walk with me for our journey begins where theirs ends.





A Spiritual Journey can start from Birth and that is usually when it does. Many do not realize that journey. Sadly they roam the earth without purpose and without family or love they become one of those faceless people that we pass by each day. We call them homeless, less fortunate, sad, and other names when we should be reaching out to them and pulling them back into society where they can have a roof, food, job and a since of purpose.
Many of these are the Native Americans who have been  pushed back into small area where “we” keep them without hope, jobs and in poverty. Very few ever get a High School education and of those that do many of those do not get a college degree. They are the largest minority in this country. And by Largest I mean that there are less Native Americans living on Reservations than there are any other Minorities in this country.
By today’s standards the very land you live on, walk on and go shopping on was stolen from the Native American. I would call the Grand Larceny. What do they get for all that?


“I stand on a soapbox for those who cannot. And I DARE anyone to KNOCK ME OFF.”
James Earl Wells

I am James Earl Wells and I stand up with my voice and my writing for HUMAN RIGHTS. Join me.  Use the above statement as it is under your call for Human Rights.