I’ve never shook the hand of a King or bowed to a Queen.
I watched a wall built to separate east and west .
And I watched  the wall come down.


I have never been rich, nor have I ever been poor.
I have seen the mighty carvings of the Presidents in a mountain.
I flown almost all the way around the world.


I do not know how many people I have met.
I know that it is more that I could ever count.
Each one has touched me in some way for that I thank them.

I joined the Army. Not sure it meant much at the time.
They gave me a lot places to go and things to see.
It’s just something in the past now.


I have been married twice. And the second time took.
I have a beautiful  daughter and three wonderful grandsons.
Those are in the present.


I suppose you could say I have had a full life.
If seems short to me when I look at it.
But when I look at all I have done, I wonder when I had the time to do it all.


,I have Thanked God for the many days he has given me to discover just how wonderful this world is.
I pray that when he takes me home that I may live in his house with many rooms.


I have never stood on the shore of Galilee but someday I will.
I have never prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane but I will.
I have never been to heaven ,  but I will.



It is not that you left me.
Because you were always there.
It is not because you stopped loving me.
Because you never said you did not care.

It is not because we were mad at each other.
Because we never had a fight.
It is not because you found another.
Because you were never looking.

It was because I did not pay attention.
To the look in your eyes.
It was because I did not understand why.
You would show up miles from home.

It was because I did not know I was stupid.
And let you slip though my fingers.
It was because I did hurt your feelings.
Because I did not see the love in your eyes.

It was because I was so young and so full of myself.
That I watched you go away.
It was because I seen you with another Man.
That later I would understand.

It was something I cannot fix, nor mend.
A broken heart I know I caused.
For I realize the hurt I caused.
Because now the pain I must live.

I do not expect you to forgive me.
I do not expect you to care.
I understand why you won’t take my calls.
But I do not understand why you never married.

I blame only me and know the truth I will tell.
For all that I have done to you I am living in that hell.
It is all over. The days have counted down.
And here we are so far apart.

Broken hearts can never mend.
I could if I had the power.
I know who you were then.
I discovered you in my heart.

And you will never go away.



Forever Lost In Love

The sun warm coming through the window.
The water front foam rolling onto the shore.
The smell of coffee fills the house.
Yet, the bed is missing an important part.

How long has it been?
How much has it hurt?
How many times has warmth turned to cold?

It seems it was just yesterday her smile would wake him.
The sun seemed to make her want to finish what went on last night.
The coffee was never made until the bedroom was quite.
And two naked bodies lay rolled into one.

It was just yesterday when the call came.
She was planting flowers in the planters.
There was nothing they could do.
He dropped the glass and fell to his knees.
That was all he could do.
His world had just ended.

He was numb for months and his work suffered.
His house was a mess.
He walked from the bedroom to the coffee.
Only to the bathroom and closet and office.

What would he do?
No more morning flings.
Or laying rolled naked in silence.
His days did not matter.
And today his life seemed it was through.
He never felt more like life did not matter.

He lays looking out the window.
Yet there is nothing to see.
He lays in the bed.
Without a reason to get up.

And now alone.
What comes now?
His high school sweetheart.
The one he married.
The one he loved.
The one he lived for.


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