From the top of the tree you can see.
A beautiful world that was given to you and me.

Dominion over this planet from sea to sea.
In charge of taking care of where we live you see.

A cross they hung him from on that day.
To save us from sin and regret we live in our own way.

A message was given and a life taken.
The ground shook and graves opened.

Three days passed and to the faithful he came.
His promise fulfilled and his instructions sealed.

The torment of the One will try those who wait.
His power of deception is great.

Some will fall under his spell.
Those that bow to him will burn in Hell.

Tormented and silenced the faithful will win.
For the Evil One can never win over their Faith.

The night will end and the star will appear.
The breeze will blow and peace will come.

The House with many doors will open.
Those who are faithful unto then end will enter this place.

For this is where the beginning never ends.


Credit: Stock Photo



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