Child O’ Child

A Child
Knows its mothers touch.
Recognizes its mothers speech.
Knows the sent of its mother.

A Child
Knows when its mother fears.
Feels its mothers joy.
Clings to its mothers love.

A Child
Needs a mothers love.
Needs a mothers joy.
Needs the mothers love.

A Child
Has died by the time you read the first verse.
Has cried from hunger since you read the second verse.
Has been beaten since you read the third verse.

A Child
Cannot defend itself.
Cannot walk away.
Cannot say no.

A Child
Who has never seen it mother, father, sister or brother.
Who will never know what joy is.
Who will never feel love of someones arms around them.
Who will never fall in love.
Who will never watch the sun rise or set in awe of its splendor.

A Child
Faceless to us as we will never see them.
Hopeless because we will never help them.
Dead because they were just A Child!


Sorrow And Pain

The sun shines and the flower grows.
The rain comes, and washes the earth clean.

A child is born, and happiness fills the air.
An old man dies, and sorrow fills a heart.

I have walked the road of many.
I have read the books religions.

I have followed the teachings of the teachers.
And found all roads were short and left me feeling lost.

I found the path to happiness was long and full of traps.
And one night I found myself dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

My journey has just begun, and yet the road keeps going.
I seek knowledge, and once I get it, I want more.

As the day becomes night, and cool breeze flows gently on my body.
I drift into the bliss of a beautiful dream where everything is perfect.

In the night there are things hiding in the corners.
They are there to take you away, far from your comfortable home.

So if you find yourself in a field at night, with fog in the air.
And the shadow figure comes walking your way.

That to learn and realize your purpose you must confront this person.
And in that moment you must dance with the devil in the pale moon light.

Then you can open your eyes, your ears and mind.
And life will become clear, only if you let it and believe it.


Times Riddle

One who looks but does not see!
One who seeks but does not find!
One who reaches but does not grasp!

One born begins to die!
One who has died must be born!
One who has nothing will have all!

Light begat Darkness!
Good begat Evil!
Love begat Hate!

One who fears must overcome!
One who hates must forgive!
One who lies must tell the truth!

One who is is not another!
One who will will not!
One who tries will will try again!

One who is lost will find!
One who is found will rejoice!
One who hurts will heal!

For the Light begat Darkness!
And Good begat Evil!
And Love begat Hate.


Long Path Home

Peddles of Roses.
Sent of Lilac.
The cup of a Tulip.
The trumpet of the Petunia.
The radiance of the Marigold.

The long path home.
The winding of the road love.
The tall hill to the spirit.
The straight road of trouble.

The sunset in the ocean.
The mirror of the lake.
The running of a stream.
The trickle of the creek.

The love of a woman.
The gentleness of a man.
The inocence of  child.
The agony of death.

The song from the heart.
The glow of the soul.
The magic of the mind.
The words of the poet.

The days end.
The setting sun.
The shadow of darkness.
The sleep of an angel.


Acts Of A Human

Look into the heart.
Look into the mind.
Look into the soul.

A heart of love.
A mind of doubt.
A soul of conflict.

Look into man.
Look into woman.
Look into child.

A man wants power.
A woman wants acceptance.
A child judges no one or nothing.

Look into the eyes.
Look at the hands.
Look at the legs.

The eyes see the quest before them.
The hands show the signs of work.
The legs become week from age.

Look into the heart.
Look into the mind.
Look into the soul.

Give the heart peace.
Give the mind love.
Give the soul eternity.

Look at life.
Look at death.
Look at birth

All are related.
You are born.
You live.
And then you die.

Look into the mind.
Look into the heart.
Look into the soul.

The soul gives the heart desire.
The heart gives the mind love.
The mind of the heart and soul give Life.

And life is love of heart and soul.
The mind is to remember the life  of the heart and soul.

Cheating Life

I looked Death in the eye.
His boney fingers wrapped around the scythe.
The hood hid his face.
His other hand pointed at me and I felt his cold breath.

I pushed him away.
I said no in my mind.
Not today, not until I am ready.
His fingers fell to his side.

I cheated Death that day.
But I feel his cold breath on my neck.
I feel him following me everywhere I go.
I can feel his cold stare.

Death is just around the corner.
It lingers in the night.
Watching for you make a mistake.
Death does not discriminate.

Death can come swiftly.
Or it can come slowly.
As one who lye’s  on a dying bed suffering.
Or the one shot in war.

Death does not like to be cheated.
And Death does not know right from wrong.
Death points at you and his hand lay’s on your shoulder.
Then you can feel the cold hard earth that is your grave.

Death follows everyone.
Death is there behind that door.
Death is everywhere.
Death has your number.

Do not cheat Death.
For Death will follow you.
You will feel the cold breath,
And the damp cold grave.
The stone will be engraved with your name.
You will just be another soul perished from time.
Death will make sure that you travel to that dark damp place.
Death’s breath will chill the back of your neck.
Death’s breath will haunt you in your dreams.

Death neither lives.
Nor does Death die.
Death lives for one purpose only.
And Death does the job very well.

Do not cheat Death.
You may not cheat Death again.
Some people have cheated Death more than once.
Death follows and so does the cold wind of the grave.

Death lives for no one.
And everyone fears the Reaper.


Between Will and I

If I protect you will you be okay?
If I shelter you from the cruel world,
Will you understand?
If I keep you all to myself,
Will you always be mine?

If I let you go,
Will you come back?
If I let the world surround you,
Will you hate me.
If I never protect you,
Will harm come to you?

If I love you,
Will you love me?
If I give you my heart,
Will you give me yours?

If I give everything I own,
Will you be happy?
If I embrace you every night,
Will you embrace me too?

When I grow old,
Will you grow old with me?
When I die,
Will you remember me?

When I am in my grave,
Will you come to me?
When I have gone before my maker,
Will you pray for me?

If I did all these things,
Will you do them too.
Will you stay by my side?
Will you love me always?
Will you overlook my faults?
Will you take my hand when I am sick?
Will you keep my heart with yours?
Will you never let me go?
Will you say I love you everyday?
Will you allow me to court you?
Will you allow me when I am eighty to hold your hand?
Will you listen to my stories?
Will you never tire of my habits good or bad?

Will you love me forever?
Will you love me tomorrow?
Will you love me today?

Do you know I love you?