When The Rain Comes

The new rain brings new life.
The sun warms the growing plant.
It blooms and becomes natures food.

The wind blows and the pollen travels.
It lands yet another field to help life grow.
And again the rain falls to bring new life.

Yet, where is that laughter?
Where are the people?
Where have the children gone?

The trees have leaves,
The grass is green,
The food is there for the picking.

Yet, there is no one there to pick it.
There is no one playing.
No one working.

The houses are empty.
The window pains are broken.
The doors are left ajar.

As a line in a song once said.
“Where have all the young men gone?”
Where has all the beauty of the earth gone?

We could say a war or a atomic blast took it all.
Or that a virus killed everyone and left a barren planet.
Yet we do not know when or how it became this way.

Maybe it was time and the rapture came.
All those left went to heaven or fell to the depths of hades.
Yet the plant life still grows and dies as it has for millions of years.

Waiting, waiting for the return.
It knows. It knows all.
Someday the laughter will come.

And when it does thing will change.
Love will bloom where hate once stood.
Good will be done where evil once ruled.

When that day comes things will change.
The silence will stop and laughter will be heard again.
And wars will never be heard of.

The new rain brings new life.
The sun warms the growing plant.
It blooms and becomes natures food




From the top of the tree you can see.
A beautiful world that was given to you and me.

Dominion over this planet from sea to sea.
In charge of taking care of where we live you see.

A cross they hung him from on that day.
To save us from sin and regret we live in our own way.

A message was given and a life taken.
The ground shook and graves opened.

Three days passed and to the faithful he came.
His promise fulfilled and his instructions sealed.

The torment of the One will try those who wait.
His power of deception is great.

Some will fall under his spell.
Those that bow to him will burn in Hell.

Tormented and silenced the faithful will win.
For the Evil One can never win over their Faith.

The night will end and the star will appear.
The breeze will blow and peace will come.

The House with many doors will open.
Those who are faithful unto then end will enter this place.

For this is where the beginning never ends.


Credit: Stock Photo



Shadows grow larger as the sun goes down.
The mystery of what hides in the shadows eludes us.
We walk faster past those tall scary shadows.

There is no reasoning to walk faster.
There is no proof that in that darkness evil lurks.
There is only our minds’ telling us “run.”

Yet we seek to walk on the side of shadows.
When it just as easy to cross the street into the light.
Is it the passion for the scare or hope of loss?

The shadows never take anything.
They only give the illusion of fear.
They make the mind play back every horror movie.

They come every night and leave every dawn.
And the only thing that they do is grow fear.
In the absence of light they grow.

They are nothing more or nothing less.
They are only a product of our over active minds.
They even take form in our homes.

Shadows grow larger when the sun goes down.
They cast a large fear and our minds run away with it.
Some die from the fear, some sit staring into space.

Yet each day these shadows form.
Just as they did the day before.
And people will hurry through them.

Just as they did the day before.
Never knowing that there is nothing there.


Troubled World

Will man survive another day?
Will the earth be it’s every guard?
Can life continue with such evil inside?
Or will fire consume the soul?

If you could have the answer,
Would you tell all the truth?
If you could stop one hurt in the world,
Would you sacrifice your life to do it?

And when the sun sets tonight,
Will you sleep peaceful knowing you did not help?
When you wake tomorrow will you see the sun?
Or will feel your mistake?

Will man survive another day?
Will the water guard the shores?
Will the evil within the ground swallow up your soul?
Will everything you know right now be lost forever?


And will you feel the pain?

If man can survive another day,
If the earth guards the soul,
If the water surrounds the shores,
And twilight sets another day.
Will it all be over or just the start,
Of life being fought another way?

Times Riddle

One who looks but does not see!
One who seeks but does not find!
One who reaches but does not grasp!

One born begins to die!
One who has died must be born!
One who has nothing will have all!

Light begat Darkness!
Good begat Evil!
Love begat Hate!

One who fears must overcome!
One who hates must forgive!
One who lies must tell the truth!

One who is is not another!
One who will will not!
One who tries will will try again!

One who is lost will find!
One who is found will rejoice!
One who hurts will heal!

For the Light begat Darkness!
And Good begat Evil!
And Love begat Hate.


Until Someday

Someday I will grow up.

Someday I will be a man.

Someday I will fight evil.

Someday right will defeat wrong.

Someday there will be Peace in the world.

Someday prayers will be answered.

Someday life will be through.

Someday we will find truth.

Someday we will know the answer.

Someday the light will overcome darkness.

Someday children will not be afraid.

Someday children will not starve.

Someday everyone gets a chance.

Someday the dream will come true

Until someday we must try.

Until someday we must change.

Until someday we must fight.

Until someday we will see the light.

Until someday we will fear no more.

Until someday our questions will be answered.

Until Someday,

If Someday ever comes.