Lost In Dreams


I walk this road alone.
I will never be able to go home.
Everything is far away.
Gone and lost in dreams of yesteryears.

I seek those things of yesterday.
Yet they have disappeared in time.
Gone along with the dreams.
Slipped through time like water through fingers.

I sleep to dream of you and the dreams of what we had then.
I awake and see the things that are the reality of time past.
A place which cannot be changed.
An awaking of how we waste the time we once had.

I walk alone in this road of loneliness.
Knowing that only I and I alone took those dreams away.
In darkness I cry feeling sorry for myself.
I destroyed the time of dreams for that I walk this road alone.






Photo by James Earl Wells 2017


Who Am I Now

A glimpse of the past.
A tear of regret.
A longing for yesterday.
A look at today.

A love lost then.
A heart broke.
A time far away.
A look at today.

A walk down the road.
A skip of a rock on the lake.
A sun set her head on my shoulder.
A look at today.

A trip down a one lane road.
A rusty one lane bridge.
A laughter still echoing through hills.
A look at today.

A past and a present.
A present with a past.
A love lost with a heart broken.
And a look at today.

The present cannot change the past.
The present will always have the past.
The heart will always be broken.
And the love will always be lost.

And looking at today,
Will only give you peace.
Because there may be a tomorrow.
And tomorrow the past will be a little
Not part of the look of today.

A past.
A regret.
A yesterday.
A today.


Shades where do they come from?
Shadeswhere do they go?
Shades where do they hide?
Shades where do they search?
Shades where are you now?

Turns to Gray
Turns to Black
And in life the shades never comes back.

Lines on the floor.
Lines on the door.
Lines in the sky.
Lines in the pie.

Turns to Gray
Turns to Black
And in life the shades never comes back.

Lines on the ground.
Lines on the sound.
Lines in the mind.
Lines in the crime.

Turns to Gray
Turns to Black
And in life the shades never comes back.

Lines on the soul.
Lines on the fold.
Lines in tree.
Lines in the future that never will be.

Turns to Gray
Turns to Black
And in life the shades never comes back.

And for this we go to and fro.
Never knowing where to go.
Without thought of life or death.
Without purpose of this turning tide.

Turns to Gray
Turns to Black
And in life the shades never comes back.

Still we stand and gaze into the sky.
Questioning the Origin.
Following only the road.
Never taking the test.

Turns to Gray
Turns to Black
And in life the shades never comes back.

And so White, may turn to Gray, and Gray may find it’s way to Black.
In our life it will never come back once it is through.
That is the way it has always been and that is what it will always be.


A Shade

They Said

They Said

Don’t look back.
You cannot change once it is done.

They Said

Don’t talk back.
It’s rude and people won’t like you.

They Said

Go to the door to pick up your date.
The parents will not like it if you honk your horn.

They Said

Don’t walk in the middle of the road.
You will get hit by a car.

They Said

Keep your nose clean.
That way you can get a good job.

They said

It would go on your permanent record.
They never said where it is kept.

They Said

Obey the laws and you always be safe.
All the criminals are out of jail and I don’t feel safe.

They Said

When you get older you will understand.
Yeah, is that right, well I am going to dig them up and
make them explain that understand stuff.

They Said

I Love You.
I believe that they do.




*I have always wondered at what age are you no longer considered to be “wet behind the ears?” That is another “They Said!”

Blessings to all bloggers and to my readers.

I Don’t

I don’t drive down those old dirt roads anymore.
I don’t drive down that old state highway that leads to your front door.

I don’t drive up and down the strip to see old friends.
I don’t drive around the court house.

I don’t drive by the old High School anymore.
I don’t stop to get a coke at the old drive in.

I don’t drive out to City Lake.
I don’t like the daylight anymore.

When I step out at night.
I hear hearts breaking.
Tears falling.
I look to the heavens.
In those stars I see your face.
And in the Midnight Sun I know.
It is all over.

I don’t cry anymore.
I don’t hurt anymore.
I don’t look for you.
I don’t look back for that chance.

I don’t blame you.
I don’t know why.
I don’t when.
I don’t understand.

Yet, in the night the stars,
Reveal your face and your tears.
I hear hearts breaking.
I hear tears falling.
Only in that Midnight Sun.

It burns deep into my soul.
The words, the looks and the loss.
I don’t why.
I don’t when.
I just know that it was

In the Midnight Sun.

Sorrow And Pain

The sun shines and the flower grows.
The rain comes, and washes the earth clean.

A child is born, and happiness fills the air.
An old man dies, and sorrow fills a heart.

I have walked the road of many.
I have read the books religions.

I have followed the teachings of the teachers.
And found all roads were short and left me feeling lost.

I found the path to happiness was long and full of traps.
And one night I found myself dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

My journey has just begun, and yet the road keeps going.
I seek knowledge, and once I get it, I want more.

As the day becomes night, and cool breeze flows gently on my body.
I drift into the bliss of a beautiful dream where everything is perfect.

In the night there are things hiding in the corners.
They are there to take you away, far from your comfortable home.

So if you find yourself in a field at night, with fog in the air.
And the shadow figure comes walking your way.

That to learn and realize your purpose you must confront this person.
And in that moment you must dance with the devil in the pale moon light.

Then you can open your eyes, your ears and mind.
And life will become clear, only if you let it and believe it.


In and Out

In the silence, we look for answers.
In our hurt we wonder why!
In our grief we blame God.

In our life we are never sure.
In our dreams our nightmares become real.
In our journey there are to many roads.

Lost and alone we feel betrayed.
In the dark we seek but cannot find.
We wonder if someone will miss us.

Tired and alone we lay down.
Sleep overcomes us.
And so we dream.

When we wake the darkness is gone.
We are still searching for answers.
No one seems to care.

In our mind we are lost.
In our heart we are hurt.
In our world we have been betrayed.

Will Love ever find us?
Will be lost and betrayed?
Never knowing where to turn.
Only knowing that we are alone.
That only we can chose the path.

It is our choice to go right or left.
Yet will it be right or wrong?
We will live in right or wrong,
Never knowing if we are Right.
Only knowing that it is not wrong.

The last road takes us ………………..