I Don’t Know Why

I cried today,
I don’t know why.
I looked for someone,
I don’t know who.

I read the Tao,
I don’t know why.
I looked out the window,
I don’t know for what.

I called someone on the phone,
I did not get an answer.
I stepped outside,
I don’t know why.

I took a nap,
I recovered my thoughts.
I read the Bible,
I trusted God.

I cried again,
I know why.
I Love Jesus,
Because he is by my side.


A Man Of Rags

Treasured small hands dipped in cool clear water.
Eyes so blue the heavens open for the beauty they behold.
A voice so soft not even the leaves move as her voice passes by.
Her steps so light the ground does not move with each step.

Long curls of blonde hair flows down her back.
Her skin soft as cotton and smooth as new spun silk.
Her smile brings down the angels from the clouds.
Her songs brings the animals of the forest.

Butterfly’s follow her every where she goes.
The Sun never leaves her face.
She walks in his Grace.
She talks to Him all day.

He loves her without measure.
His arms surround her everywhere she goes.
In her bad times He lifts her up and carries her home.
And in her good times he blesses her with Love.

Her treasured small hands dipped in the cool clear water.
Her blue eyes looked up at the man in rags.
She gave him the drink she took in her hands.
The voice from heaven was clear as a bell.

My maidservant pleases me.
As she follows me wherever I go.
I never knew her or have set my eyes on her.
Yet I have felt her touch and felt her love.

I am but a poor man in rags.
I wonder the land looking for truth.
I take what people give me.
I Thank The Lord for my Life.

He lays his head on the ground.
Where he would sleep.
She would sit in the tree singing.
Waiting for the new day smiling on a man.

A man of rags with many riches.

Troubled World

Will man survive another day?
Will the earth be it’s every guard?
Can life continue with such evil inside?
Or will fire consume the soul?

If you could have the answer,
Would you tell all the truth?
If you could stop one hurt in the world,
Would you sacrifice your life to do it?

And when the sun sets tonight,
Will you sleep peaceful knowing you did not help?
When you wake tomorrow will you see the sun?
Or will feel your mistake?

Will man survive another day?
Will the water guard the shores?
Will the evil within the ground swallow up your soul?
Will everything you know right now be lost forever?


And will you feel the pain?

If man can survive another day,
If the earth guards the soul,
If the water surrounds the shores,
And twilight sets another day.
Will it all be over or just the start,
Of life being fought another way?

Cheating Life

I looked Death in the eye.
His boney fingers wrapped around the scythe.
The hood hid his face.
His other hand pointed at me and I felt his cold breath.

I pushed him away.
I said no in my mind.
Not today, not until I am ready.
His fingers fell to his side.

I cheated Death that day.
But I feel his cold breath on my neck.
I feel him following me everywhere I go.
I can feel his cold stare.

Death is just around the corner.
It lingers in the night.
Watching for you make a mistake.
Death does not discriminate.

Death can come swiftly.
Or it can come slowly.
As one who lye’s  on a dying bed suffering.
Or the one shot in war.

Death does not like to be cheated.
And Death does not know right from wrong.
Death points at you and his hand lay’s on your shoulder.
Then you can feel the cold hard earth that is your grave.

Death follows everyone.
Death is there behind that door.
Death is everywhere.
Death has your number.

Do not cheat Death.
For Death will follow you.
You will feel the cold breath,
And the damp cold grave.
The stone will be engraved with your name.
You will just be another soul perished from time.
Death will make sure that you travel to that dark damp place.
Death’s breath will chill the back of your neck.
Death’s breath will haunt you in your dreams.

Death neither lives.
Nor does Death die.
Death lives for one purpose only.
And Death does the job very well.

Do not cheat Death.
You may not cheat Death again.
Some people have cheated Death more than once.
Death follows and so does the cold wind of the grave.

Death lives for no one.
And everyone fears the Reaper.


Where Is When

Where the sunshines, there is beauty.
Where the wind blows there is splendor.
Where leaves fall there is wonder.

Where there is water, there is life.
Where there is shade, there is an idea.
Where there is a mountain, there is challenge.

Where life takes you, you are there.
Where death takes you, there you are.
Where the wind takes you, there is tomorrow.

Where you are, there is everything.
Where you have been, you are gone.
Where  you are going, you are not there.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.
Where the body goes, the mind takes you there.
Where you are, there is where you will be.



I feel numb.
I feel hurt.
I feel lost.
I do not understand.

I feel alone.
I feel confused.
I feel betrayed.
I do not understand.

I feel need.
I feel love.
I feel joy.
I do not understand.

I feel hate.
I feel removed.
I feel angry.
I do not understand.

I feel hope.
I feel needed.
I feel loved.
I do not understand.

I do not understand.
I do not understand.

I do not understand.

Until Someday

Someday I will grow up.

Someday I will be a man.

Someday I will fight evil.

Someday right will defeat wrong.

Someday there will be Peace in the world.

Someday prayers will be answered.

Someday life will be through.

Someday we will find truth.

Someday we will know the answer.

Someday the light will overcome darkness.

Someday children will not be afraid.

Someday children will not starve.

Someday everyone gets a chance.

Someday the dream will come true

Until someday we must try.

Until someday we must change.

Until someday we must fight.

Until someday we will see the light.

Until someday we will fear no more.

Until someday our questions will be answered.

Until Someday,

If Someday ever comes.