When Love Dies

When does love die?
When does the feeling go away?
Where does the longing go?
When does love die?

When does the pain stop?
When do the memories go away?
How long must I cry?
When does love die?

When do I forgive myself for what I did?
How do get you back again?
Will you forgive me or leave me for good?
When does love die?

Here I am old and grey, still with that feeling!
Here I lay in the dark longing for you again!
Here I sit crying over you still!
When does love die?

Forgiveness never came.
You never came back.
You are gone forever.
Love has never died!

When does love die.


My Lovers Prayer

To hold me,
Touch me,
Kiss Me,
Hear my voice one more time.

To see me smile,
To hear me laugh,
To feel my gentle touch,
To make love.

To never let go.
To make me understand,
To give me love never dying.
To say “I Love You.”

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Lover, My Live, My Wife.
My Lover’s Prayer.
My Lovers, A Life that would never end.

My Lover’s Prayer,
To go back and start this all over.
My Lover,

Did it really end?
Gone now.
Hearts broken,
A cold stone,
A Name of Long Ago,

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Prayer.




Made Of Stone

Here I knell, head in hands.
Tears running down my burning cheeks.
Fearing the future, Hating the past.
Alone homeless my heart broken.

A lifetime we laughed and loved.
A world without hate, we had each other.
Each day we became closer.
Each year we became better lovers.

Today there is only silence.
Today my heart is scattered in the wind.
Today my dreams have been lost forever.
Today time has ceased.

The cold stone standing in the garden.
The words carved are only a name and dates.
They give nothing to the person who lies here.
The joy that she once brought, the love she gave to others.

In one moment she was there smiling.
The next it was gone as if erased from piece of paper.
As if she never existed, if only in a dream.
Yet the pain is real and memory vivid.

Here I knell head in hands.
The tears running down my burning cheeks.
Fearing the future, hating the past.
Alone, homeless, broken, and lost.





Cross Design: James Earl Wells Copyright 2009


A Man Of Rags

Treasured small hands dipped in cool clear water.
Eyes so blue the heavens open for the beauty they behold.
A voice so soft not even the leaves move as her voice passes by.
Her steps so light the ground does not move with each step.

Long curls of blonde hair flows down her back.
Her skin soft as cotton and smooth as new spun silk.
Her smile brings down the angels from the clouds.
Her songs brings the animals of the forest.

Butterfly’s follow her every where she goes.
The Sun never leaves her face.
She walks in his Grace.
She talks to Him all day.

He loves her without measure.
His arms surround her everywhere she goes.
In her bad times He lifts her up and carries her home.
And in her good times he blesses her with Love.

Her treasured small hands dipped in the cool clear water.
Her blue eyes looked up at the man in rags.
She gave him the drink she took in her hands.
The voice from heaven was clear as a bell.

My maidservant pleases me.
As she follows me wherever I go.
I never knew her or have set my eyes on her.
Yet I have felt her touch and felt her love.

I am but a poor man in rags.
I wonder the land looking for truth.
I take what people give me.
I Thank The Lord for my Life.

He lays his head on the ground.
Where he would sleep.
She would sit in the tree singing.
Waiting for the new day smiling on a man.

A man of rags with many riches.

Clear Blue Love

She looks towards the clear blue sky.
Her heart full of joy.
The sun warms the love inside her.
The breeze spreads the feeling all around.

Her heart beats strong and hard.
Never has she felt this wonderful.
Never has she longed to capture it.
To keep it and never let it go.

Here within her a feeling.
Joy, Happiness, and Love.
Where did this Love come from?
She wishes to wrap her arms around it.

She knows she never wants to let it go.
This feeling is beyond words.
This place in life cannot be taught.
Yet, she feels it, knows it and it overwhelms her very being.

She looks into that clear blue sky.
Knowing that clearly she knows love.
She knows she is in love.
And that she is loved.

From here it can only grow.
From here it can only get better.
From here Love will guide her.
From Love she will be Free.


©1970 First writing

Somewhere Tomorrow

The smell of morning.
The Feel of grass on bare feet.
The suns rays on your face.

The laughter in the air.
The love you came home to.
The other world you lived in.

Baseball games at night.
Music on a transistor radio.
Dedicating a song to your girlfriend.


Riding your bicycle all day long.
Laying in the yard at night.
Watching the “lighting bugs.”

Fussing because you had to go to bed.
But you looked out the screen window.
Knowing you would be doing it all again.






My beautiful picture

Photo Credit: Gertie Wells, @1957

They Said

They Said

Don’t look back.
You cannot change once it is done.

They Said

Don’t talk back.
It’s rude and people won’t like you.

They Said

Go to the door to pick up your date.
The parents will not like it if you honk your horn.

They Said

Don’t walk in the middle of the road.
You will get hit by a car.

They Said

Keep your nose clean.
That way you can get a good job.

They said

It would go on your permanent record.
They never said where it is kept.

They Said

Obey the laws and you always be safe.
All the criminals are out of jail and I don’t feel safe.

They Said

When you get older you will understand.
Yeah, is that right, well I am going to dig them up and
make them explain that understand stuff.

They Said

I Love You.
I believe that they do.




*I have always wondered at what age are you no longer considered to be “wet behind the ears?” That is another “They Said!”

Blessings to all bloggers and to my readers.