Sorrow And Pain

The sun shines and the flower grows.
The rain comes, and washes the earth clean.

A child is born, and happiness fills the air.
An old man dies, and sorrow fills a heart.

I have walked the road of many.
I have read the books religions.

I have followed the teachings of the teachers.
And found all roads were short and left me feeling lost.

I found the path to happiness was long and full of traps.
And one night I found myself dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

My journey has just begun, and yet the road keeps going.
I seek knowledge, and once I get it, I want more.

As the day becomes night, and cool breeze flows gently on my body.
I drift into the bliss of a beautiful dream where everything is perfect.

In the night there are things hiding in the corners.
They are there to take you away, far from your comfortable home.

So if you find yourself in a field at night, with fog in the air.
And the shadow figure comes walking your way.

That to learn and realize your purpose you must confront this person.
And in that moment you must dance with the devil in the pale moon light.

Then you can open your eyes, your ears and mind.
And life will become clear, only if you let it and believe it.