When Life Is

It says the sun is out and warm today.
The day is perfect day for getting out to play.
The grass is green and have bloomed.
The laughter is in the air.

In all the joy, in all the laughter the happiness blooms
We lay in the grass with the warmth of the sun on our face.
We invite our friends and family to share in this grand day.
We sit and snack on the food drinking lemonade.
Playing childhood games the whole day.

Everyone around seems to be doing the same.
No sadness, or crying, the perfect day of peace.
The cool air of evening creeps in the valley.
And people pack to go home.

Daily lives start over again with TV’s and radios.
Giving the days breaking stories.
No one seems to listens or care.
Life is back as were the day before.

As lights go out and covers pulled up.
Kisses exchanged, and adjustments in bed made.
Eyes close for the night is still young and work will come early.

Suddenly eyes open and in the darkness,
The white ceiling seems to speak.
The voice so clear. Never has it ever said something so profound.

“Jesus Wept”


The Red Road

Once there were Buffalo roaming the grassy plains.
Thousands could be seen on any given day.
Many Moons would pass but the Buffalo would stay.
Moving up and down from grass to mountain and back again.

The streams and rivers ran free and clean.
The water was share with Earth, Animals and Brother.
It healed and cleaned and gave and it took not.
It Winter it would freeze but it would let all in but warm it flowed once again.

The trees shaded and moved the air.
They gave Earth, Animal and Brother life to breathe.
They grow tall and strong.
We use only what we need.

Of all the grass and seeds they are many.
We take only what we need and leave the rest for Earth and Animals.
We make our baskets, pots and clothes from what we take.
The grass and seeds give back again for many Moons.

We trade with Nations on our sides.
They trade with Nations on their sides.
We smoke pipe and sweat in lodge and make peace.
Many Moons pass and Nations have always been at peace.

One day White Man came.
We welcomed him and smoked pipe.
Many Moons passed and White Man trade with Nation.
Then White Man came to Nation and ask for more.

Many Moons have passed since that day.
We smoked many pipes with White Man.
But Peace was broken and Nation divided.
Then Land becomes smaller and everything changes.

White Man no longer smokes pipe.
Buffalo no longer roam on grassy plains.
Grass and Seed have been been lost in the wind.
The tall trees fell one by one and railroad took the Nations.

Now we live on a plot of land.
White man calls a Reservation.
We can not hunt or plant on this polluted soil.
We are left in hunger and without a Nation Pride.

We once Walked The Red Road but now,
We are what is left of the White Man’s Genocide.




This is dedicated to my Niece’s
Louetta Dawn Wilson
Tammy June Hedges

I Love You Both Dearly
Uncle Jamie


From the top of the tree you can see.
A beautiful world that was given to you and me.

Dominion over this planet from sea to sea.
In charge of taking care of where we live you see.

A cross they hung him from on that day.
To save us from sin and regret we live in our own way.

A message was given and a life taken.
The ground shook and graves opened.

Three days passed and to the faithful he came.
His promise fulfilled and his instructions sealed.

The torment of the One will try those who wait.
His power of deception is great.

Some will fall under his spell.
Those that bow to him will burn in Hell.

Tormented and silenced the faithful will win.
For the Evil One can never win over their Faith.

The night will end and the star will appear.
The breeze will blow and peace will come.

The House with many doors will open.
Those who are faithful unto then end will enter this place.

For this is where the beginning never ends.


Credit: Stock Photo


Who Am I Now

A glimpse of the past.
A tear of regret.
A longing for yesterday.
A look at today.

A love lost then.
A heart broke.
A time far away.
A look at today.

A walk down the road.
A skip of a rock on the lake.
A sun set her head on my shoulder.
A look at today.

A trip down a one lane road.
A rusty one lane bridge.
A laughter still echoing through hills.
A look at today.

A past and a present.
A present with a past.
A love lost with a heart broken.
And a look at today.

The present cannot change the past.
The present will always have the past.
The heart will always be broken.
And the love will always be lost.

And looking at today,
Will only give you peace.
Because there may be a tomorrow.
And tomorrow the past will be a little
Not part of the look of today.

A past.
A regret.
A yesterday.
A today.

A Light In The Sky

I sat in a park one day.
I watched a man as he looked up at the sky.
He never moved or said a word.
He only looked up with wide blue eyes.

I returned to my seat the nest day.
There he was as if he had never moved.
Looking up into the clear blue sky.
Never moving or saying a word.

Weeks passed as I watched him.
He stood in that same stop.
Looking up in the same direction.
I looked too but I could never see.

One day he stopped coming.
I thought maybe he was ill.
But after weeks I knew he was gone.
He would never return.

I was restless on the park bench.
I was so use to him being there.
The mystery of his glare in the sky.
His presence always there.

One day I got up.
You could see where he use to stand.
So I stood in his steps and I looked into the sky.
My eyes began to tear up.

When I looked into the sky.
To my amazement in that clear sky.
There was a light.
It shined down on my face.

The warm peaceful feeling.
Warmed my body.
In that light there was a face.
It smiled down on me.

All those years he came here.
Looking for the light.
It filled him with peace.
A hope for a life someday.

Now I come here everyday.
I stand here looking into the sky.
I am filled with joy and peace.
Someday I hope for a better life.


My love is unconditional.
My heart is open with plenty of room.
My life is an open book.
And you are part of that life.

We may not know each other.
And our paths may never cross.
But I give you what I would give my own blood.
You are part of a family that can only be defined as global.

I do not judge you for the color of your skin.
I do not judge you for the beliefs you treasure.
I will defend your rights as much as my own.
I give you all that I have to give.

I do want you to have peace.
I do want you to have love.
I do want you to be afraid.
I do want you to know I am here for you.

I will stand up for you.
I will hold you up when you are down.
I will be the one that says no one has the right to judge you.
I will be the one who will pray for you.

I am the one who does not sit by the sidelines.
I am the one who wears the armor and shield.
I am the one who will embrace you in your time of need.
I am the one that My God told me to help others.

Will you accept my open hand of friendship?
Will you tell me what you need?
Will you trust that I will not abandon you.
Will you let me be apart of your world.

I Pray you will.
I Pray that you are.
I Pray that you can.
I Pray that you say yes.

I offer this to my many Brothers and Sisters.
I offer this to Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Tao.
I offer this to Any Race, or Creed.
I offer without the need for anything from you but trust.

This is a journey and we are all here on the ride.
This is a place where we all need to band together.
This is the time we find common ground.
This is the day that we reach out.

I will meet you half way without fear.
I will give you the same support I give my family.
I will never leave you.
I will never deceive you.

Take my hand.
Embrace me as I embrace you.
Take my word that I am who I am.
Join me and lets make this a world of Love.

Peace Be With You.
God Be With You.

And I will follow not behind you.
But beside you.
Can you do the same?
Will you take my offer?
Will you accept my love?
Will we engage the world?

When they day is over will we?
When the sun goes down can we?
When the moon arises in the night are we?
When the Sun sets do we?

Love, Charity, Faith.
And the greatest of these is LOVE!

The Grove

I walked through a grove.
A grove of hero’s.
The white stones all in a row.

Upon these stones,
Names of those buried there.
Where they served.
When they died.
And the rank they held when they died.

A tiny Cross on some.
The Star of David on others.
A small flag waves in the breeze.
The silence here is haunting.

These stones stand tall and straight.
They bore no fruit.
They only told a small story.
One of a  Soldier who lays now in the ground.

I stop and salute as I pass each stone.
A child ask me why I saluted each stone.
I could only say that it was my way to honor those here.
He said he understood.

As he walked away I saw him saluting the stones.
I knelt down and ask God to protect the young child.
So that they would never know the story told in this grove.
That this grove only grows as those who serve die and come home.

As I walked away I heard a voice behind me.
The voice seemed as if it was in a tunnel.
It said “Bless You Comrade.”
I turned and no one was there.

Sleep Comrade your peaceful sleep.
Dream of times without wars or hate.
Hope for the country that sent you here.
Wait for someday we will see you again.

As I got in my car to leave I felt a hand.
It took my shoulder and held tight.
A whisper in my ear.
And it was gone.

I walked through a grove today.
A grove of Graves.
A grove of Hero’s.
A Comrade In Arms.
A soul of humanity.

Yes, I walked through that grove today.
And there I will stay.
For I am only one story.
My stone tells my short story.
And I will be here forever.

That is the grove of my friends.
That is the grove where I live.
The Grove of the Dead.