Troubled World

Will man survive another day?
Will the earth be it’s every guard?
Can life continue with such evil inside?
Or will fire consume the soul?

If you could have the answer,
Would you tell all the truth?
If you could stop one hurt in the world,
Would you sacrifice your life to do it?

And when the sun sets tonight,
Will you sleep peaceful knowing you did not help?
When you wake tomorrow will you see the sun?
Or will feel your mistake?

Will man survive another day?
Will the water guard the shores?
Will the evil within the ground swallow up your soul?
Will everything you know right now be lost forever?


And will you feel the pain?

If man can survive another day,
If the earth guards the soul,
If the water surrounds the shores,
And twilight sets another day.
Will it all be over or just the start,
Of life being fought another way?


Walking Moon

I watched as she walked into the water.

Her toned brown curves slowly surrounded by the current of the river.
Her long black hair shining in the moonlit night.
Soon her head would go under the water without a sound.

I watched as she bathed in the river.

Her hair flew up in the air as her head came fully out of the water.
Her arms floating on each side, balancing her as she tip-toed deeper into the water.
Her eyes reflected the light shining on the water from the moon.

I watched as she came out of the water.

Her graceful steps brought her naked body slowly out of the water.
With each step her beauty begins to show in the light of night.
Her long legs toned of a person who worked in the fields or one of a runner.

She caught me watching her.

She looked over at me as I gazed on the beauty standing on the bank of the river.
She smiled and did not try to cover her naked body.
Slowly she walked to her clothes and dressed.

She walked away without a word.

Her brightly colored beads on her clothes came from skilled hands.
Her steps ever so gentle as she walked away from me.
She paused just for a moment and turned to give me one last smile.

I watched her walk away.

I watched as she walked through the trees and then out of my sight.
I sat frozen to the ground.
She was gone as fast as she appeared.

I did not know what to do.

I sat, my mind going a million miles a minute.
A hand touched my shoulder ever so gently.
I turned and there she stood, smiling offering me her hand.

I woke in a room of smoke.

The old man smiled at me and motioned with his hand.
The flap over the opening moved and the sunlight came in.
There she stood headband around her dark hair.

And then I woke.

I would take her hand and walk around the circle.
We would now be one. The ceremony would end.
Suddenly as if the earth shook I came up straight hitting my head.
I looked around and noticed that the room was tilted to one side.
On board a boat my dream had taken me back in time.
My Native woman gone. The beauty only a dream could make.

Where Darkness Runs

Night shot of mountains and lake, Bulgaria

Darkness creeps slowly.
Covering the ground with it shades of gray.
It will cover everything.
Then it will be total darkness.

The mind brings fear in the dark.
Shadows move in and out of sight.
The Midnight Sun hides from your stare.

Then the ears hear a slight brush of leaves.
You turn your head looking quickly into the dark.
Nothing is there yet the hair stands up on your arms.

You try to outrun the thing following you.
It matches your every move.
Your heart beats so hard you can hardly breath.

You stop to listen.
You hear nothing but silence.
Until the leaves move again.

Your body spins around.
The sweat runs down your brow.
There is nothing there.

You climb the steps.
Fumbling the keys you stop to listen.
You hear the steps of shoes on the pavement.

You unlock the door.
Quickly you enter and shut the door.

Locking every lock, pulling all the shades.

You reach for the light switch and stop.
Your breathing is labored.
Your hearing sharp listening for anything.

As you touch the switch.
A hand touches yours.
Your heart beating so hard it is all you can hear.

Your hand is moved away from the switch.
You are moved away deeper in the dark.
You close your eyes as darkness takes you deeper.

Deep in the dark now you are gripped with terror.
The hand runs down your spine.
Chills follow the fingers down your spine and then back up.

As the hand moves in the darkness.
You hear one more slight click.
And then darkness fills your mind.

Artwork Credit: “Evengy Kuklev, Getty Images”


Life is but a journey that leads us to many destinations.
Along this journey it imprints many things in our minds.
Good, bad or indifferent these memories are with us.

We try to to teach these things to our children.
Hoping they will teach their children in kind.
Adding their journey to the one we leave them.

Man invented time.
Some say time is relevant!
Others as relevant to what?

When we look at time and our journey.
We find that time is only relevant when it is through.
When our candle no longer burns.

That time can never be measured.
As none of us know when that time may come.
For we are not promised tomorrow.

Hopefully we will experience of a lifetime,
Before  our time has run out.
And that we can pass it on to our loved ones.

To the Native American time was measured by the moon.
The more of these moons you had seen meant that not only were you old.
But that you were very wise.

They always looked for the elders to hear what they had to teach.
And so the mouth to ear history was a way of life to them.
Many of those tales have gone because of the lack of sharing.

It is not the fault of the young or the old.
But the fault lies on the people who separated these people.
So time may be relevant!

And when I lay down to sleep at night I know morning may not come.
But I know that I have lived and traveled my journey well.
And I have given my story to my children and they will give to theirs.

Time is Relevant?
Time is?

White Raven

In darkness I travel.
I do not need light you see.
I am behind the door.
I am in the closet and under the floor.

I sit on your roof looking down.
I scratch your windows and panes.
I watch you peek out into the night.
I hear you cover your head.

When you leave, I go.
When you return, I am there.
Ever watching, seeing only you.
In the mirror you will not see.

I am the burden of life for you and me.
I slip past your door at night.
I watch you sleep, your sheets over your head.
I hear you breath and for a moment your breath is mine.

I sit on top of your house.
I wait for you each day.
I know that someday you will pay.
And I will be there to take you away.

I am white in the night.
I am nothing in the light.
My eyes peer through the darkness.
Just to watch you while you sleep.

I spread my wings and call in the night.
You answer when you shake and look out.
You life is ever close to me.
I am the White Raven who collects souls.

You will not see me but I am there.
I will watch you and you will feel me.
I see everything that you do.
I wait claws wrapped on the tile roof.

I hear what no man hears.
The calling of the dead.
I am the White Raven who sees in the dark.
I am the one that the light never touches.

And I watch you in the night.

A Journey Of Sorts

I watched a butterfly today.
I heard a baby cry.
I looked up into the clear blue sky.
Nothing was there.

I walked in the woods.
I heard the birds sing.
I looked up into the ceiling of leaves.
Nothing was there.

I looked down to the grass.
I heard the song of the Cicadas.
I looked up across the field of grass.
Nothing was there.

I looked into the river.
I saw the fish feeding on the water top.
I heard the frogs singing.
I looked across the river.
Nothing was there.

I sat beneath a tree.
I closed my eyes.
And slowing my thought drifted into dreams.
As I traveled I saw the Baby in her crib.
Then I saw the birds on tree branches.
As i traveled I saw the Cicadas on the trees.
Then the fish jumped up out of the water.
And it winked at me.

When I awoke I heard everything.
My eyes were open and I saw everything.
I looked at my hands and I saw the world.
I looked at the sky and I saw the Master himself.
And he winked at me.

Then I knew the answer.
And I was in balance.
I smiled back at the Master.
And he smiled at me.

For What I Leave You

I am sorry for what I leave you.
This broken world we live in.
I am sorry for the hate.
The ones who will point at you.

I am sorry for the air.
We just could not admit we were wrong.
I am sorry for the water.
We dump everything into the earth.

I am sorry for the pain.
You will feel one day.
I am sorry for the lost Love.
That I can not be there to give.

I am sorry for the wars.
Man can never stop fighting.
I am sorry for the animals.
Others could not understand.

I am sorry that I left you.
But God took my hand.
I am sorry that you are sad.
But one day you will see me again.

I am sorry that life seems not fair.
Some do not believe.
I am sorry for the terror.
Even when it comes in your sleep.

I am sorry for everything.
We left this place worse than we found it.
I am sorry my dear boys.
That Grandpa could not help.

I am sorry someday you will realize.
The things that I write today.
I am sorry for myself.
Because I waited to late to help.

I Love You Very Much.
Know that this is true.
Your Mother knows this love.
For she has share it too.




Photo by: Portrait Innovations 1973