Take My Hand

Take my hand and take a walk with me.
See the trees and the grass so green?
Look up at the clear blue sky.

This is what I remember so long ago.
Did you see it too?
When you were a child did you laugh?
Did you play under a clear blue sky?

Walk with me, there is more to see.
Over this hill was a big pond we swam in.
We stripped down and would laugh for hours.
No one knew we were here and we dare no tell.

See that clearing over there?
We rode our horses looking for gold.
We rode so much looking for so many things.
When we woke up our legs and hind side hurt.

See the Dream Catchers in the trees?
See the feathers and rock on the stones?
See the wooden toy?

Come I have one more place to show you.
This is where are friends are.
Look can you see wind surrounding us?
Do you feel different here?

Can you see anything?
Is there something touching you now?
Does it make you feel calm.
Does it take your fear away?

Many souls protect this sacred soil.
They have accepted you.
You will now see them as they move.
But you will never tell anyone.

This is your Totem, your next step.
There will be more so be open when it comes.
Walk with me for our journey begins where theirs ends.





A Spiritual Journey can start from Birth and that is usually when it does. Many do not realize that journey. Sadly they roam the earth without purpose and without family or love they become one of those faceless people that we pass by each day. We call them homeless, less fortunate, sad, and other names when we should be reaching out to them and pulling them back into society where they can have a roof, food, job and a since of purpose.
Many of these are the Native Americans who have been  pushed back into small area where “we” keep them without hope, jobs and in poverty. Very few ever get a High School education and of those that do many of those do not get a college degree. They are the largest minority in this country. And by Largest I mean that there are less Native Americans living on Reservations than there are any other Minorities in this country.
By today’s standards the very land you live on, walk on and go shopping on was stolen from the Native American. I would call the Grand Larceny. What do they get for all that?


“I stand on a soapbox for those who cannot. And I DARE anyone to KNOCK ME OFF.”
James Earl Wells

I am James Earl Wells and I stand up with my voice and my writing for HUMAN RIGHTS. Join me.  Use the above statement as it is under your call for Human Rights.




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