I’ve never shook the hand of a King or bowed to a Queen.
I watched a wall built to separate east and west .
And I watched  the wall come down.


I have never been rich, nor have I ever been poor.
I have seen the mighty carvings of the Presidents in a mountain.
I flown almost all the way around the world.


I do not know how many people I have met.
I know that it is more that I could ever count.
Each one has touched me in some way for that I thank them.

I joined the Army. Not sure it meant much at the time.
They gave me a lot places to go and things to see.
It’s just something in the past now.


I have been married twice. And the second time took.
I have a beautiful  daughter and three wonderful grandsons.
Those are in the present.


I suppose you could say I have had a full life.
If seems short to me when I look at it.
But when I look at all I have done, I wonder when I had the time to do it all.


,I have Thanked God for the many days he has given me to discover just how wonderful this world is.
I pray that when he takes me home that I may live in his house with many rooms.


I have never stood on the shore of Galilee but someday I will.
I have never prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane but I will.
I have never been to heaven ,  but I will.


I Don’t Know Why

I cried today,
I don’t know why.
I looked for someone,
I don’t know who.

I read the Tao,
I don’t know why.
I looked out the window,
I don’t know for what.

I called someone on the phone,
I did not get an answer.
I stepped outside,
I don’t know why.

I took a nap,
I recovered my thoughts.
I read the Bible,
I trusted God.

I cried again,
I know why.
I Love Jesus,
Because he is by my side.

Long Time Waiting

It has been a long time since we talked.
It has been years since I’ve seen you.
It has been lonely here without you.

It hurts to think of all these years.
I do not know if you will have me again.
My heart aches while you are gone.

Just when I found you.
I found the hurt I cause you.
And I hurt again because of you.

I would love you if you would let me.
I would lay with you without hesitation.
I would run at your every request.

Just when I was ready to reach out.
You were gone again.
Never leaving a trail to follow.

You are with God now.
And I am here without you.
A pain I can barely stand.

I wanted to speak to you one more time.
I wanted to look in your eyes again.
And I wanted to say I am sorry.

Those words have been stolen.
That look will never be.
I am still sorry for the pain I gave you.

Will you save me a place close to you?
Where I can take your hand and look into your eyes.
And once an for all tell you how I feel.
This I promise, This I will do, All just for you.

I Am

I am not a robot following commands.
I am a person of strong convictions.
I am not a violent person.
I believe peace can be achieved.

I am not a greedy person.
I believe that wealth breeds corruption.
I am not a war monger.
I believe we can work thing out.

I am not blameless.
I have my faults.
I am not free to insults.
I will walk away.

I am not free of hate.
I believe I can free myself of hate.
I am not heartless.
I can love all.

I am not the person you think I am.
I am and always have been strong in faith.
I am not a doubter.
I am a spreader of Good News.

I am not a monster to be afraid of.
I would not hurt a fly.
I am not a mold of society.
I am me and I walk my own road.

I do not believe in fairy tales.
I believe in my heart.
I do not keep secrets.
I am an open book.

I am not God.
I would not pretend to be.
I am not an Angel.
That would be pretending to be God.

I am always here.
I am always caring.
I am always loving.
I am always there for you.
I am the one who will hold you while you cry.
I am the who will listen.
I am the person that smiles at you each day.
I am all of this and more.

I am not.
Yet I am.
That was yesterday.
And this is today.
I am not yesterday.
I am now.

I am not.
Yet I am.

I am.
Are you?

The Grove

I walked through a grove.
A grove of hero’s.
The white stones all in a row.

Upon these stones,
Names of those buried there.
Where they served.
When they died.
And the rank they held when they died.

A tiny Cross on some.
The Star of David on others.
A small flag waves in the breeze.
The silence here is haunting.

These stones stand tall and straight.
They bore no fruit.
They only told a small story.
One of a  Soldier who lays now in the ground.

I stop and salute as I pass each stone.
A child ask me why I saluted each stone.
I could only say that it was my way to honor those here.
He said he understood.

As he walked away I saw him saluting the stones.
I knelt down and ask God to protect the young child.
So that they would never know the story told in this grove.
That this grove only grows as those who serve die and come home.

As I walked away I heard a voice behind me.
The voice seemed as if it was in a tunnel.
It said “Bless You Comrade.”
I turned and no one was there.

Sleep Comrade your peaceful sleep.
Dream of times without wars or hate.
Hope for the country that sent you here.
Wait for someday we will see you again.

As I got in my car to leave I felt a hand.
It took my shoulder and held tight.
A whisper in my ear.
And it was gone.

I walked through a grove today.
A grove of Graves.
A grove of Hero’s.
A Comrade In Arms.
A soul of humanity.

Yes, I walked through that grove today.
And there I will stay.
For I am only one story.
My stone tells my short story.
And I will be here forever.

That is the grove of my friends.
That is the grove where I live.
The Grove of the Dead.


You may think I am crazy.
You may think I am mad.
You may think it does not matter.
You may think you know me.
But I am not a rock star.

I come from humble beginnings.
I was taught my trade from my Father.
I was taught right from wrong.
I was given God by my Mother.

I look not at others jealously.
Nor do I judge their lives.
I give them the respect they deserve.
And never put them in a corner.

You may think I am crazy.
You may think I am mad.
You may think it does not matter.
But God makes everything matter.

A troubled mind is now at peace.
A troubled heart is now mended.
A troubled soul is ready for tomorrow.
A troubled life has been put back on track.

You may think I am strange.
You may think I am old.
You may think that I am crazy.
But I think you may not know.


It was just another day.
It was long ago.
And what seems, far away.

You came in our lives.
You brought joy and love to us.
Your laughter was a gift.

Yes, it was just another day.
But it was not long ago.
It was not far way.
When God called you home.

Many days we will feel pain.
Many days we will feel empty.
Many ways we will not believe it to be true.

Yet as each day passes and you are not here.
Will be another day that we miss you.
Another day that we pray.
Your memory is always with us.

You will never be gone.
You will be in our hearts and mind.
You will be ever so lightly on our lips.
To ask you how you’ve been.

We loved you for many years.
And we will still love you many more.
We hope you will watch us.
And hope that you will help us.
To know you are okay.

Thank You for your love.
That is what made you so bright.
We will remember you each day of our lives.
And join you on the next journey in our lives.


To my dear friend with Love.
Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam
Oct. 7 1954 to April 17 2013