My Lovers Prayer

To hold me,
Touch me,
Kiss Me,
Hear my voice one more time.

To see me smile,
To hear me laugh,
To feel my gentle touch,
To make love.

To never let go.
To make me understand,
To give me love never dying.
To say “I Love You.”

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Lover, My Live, My Wife.
My Lover’s Prayer.
My Lovers, A Life that would never end.

My Lover’s Prayer,
To go back and start this all over.
My Lover,

Did it really end?
Gone now.
Hearts broken,
A cold stone,
A Name of Long Ago,

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Prayer.





I Don’t

I don’t drive down those old dirt roads anymore.
I don’t drive down that old state highway that leads to your front door.

I don’t drive up and down the strip to see old friends.
I don’t drive around the court house.

I don’t drive by the old High School anymore.
I don’t stop to get a coke at the old drive in.

I don’t drive out to City Lake.
I don’t like the daylight anymore.

When I step out at night.
I hear hearts breaking.
Tears falling.
I look to the heavens.
In those stars I see your face.
And in the Midnight Sun I know.
It is all over.

I don’t cry anymore.
I don’t hurt anymore.
I don’t look for you.
I don’t look back for that chance.

I don’t blame you.
I don’t know why.
I don’t when.
I don’t understand.

Yet, in the night the stars,
Reveal your face and your tears.
I hear hearts breaking.
I hear tears falling.
Only in that Midnight Sun.

It burns deep into my soul.
The words, the looks and the loss.
I don’t why.
I don’t when.
I just know that it was

In the Midnight Sun.

Standing In The Sand

I watched the boat as it disappeared in the setting sun.
I felt the spray of the ocean on my face as evening comes.
I wiggle my toes as I am Standing In The Sand.

I listened to the gulls as they beg for a hand out.
I touched the feathers as they flew by my face.
I laughed out loud while I was Standing In The Sand.

I heard the harbor master as he blew his horn.
I felt the cool breeze from the ocean waves.
I stopped and looked down to see that I was Standing In The Sand.

I closed my eyes and watched you leave.
I saw the tears run down your face.
I opened my eyes and I was still Standing in the Sand.

I am older now than I was yesterday. But younger than tomorrow.
I will not know where I will be but I know that is where I am at.
Yet through all of this I will Be Standing In The Sand.


Photo: unknown
Graphic Design: James Wells  2012

The Lingering Line

It is not chalk nor is it pen.
Yet it drew the line.
Clear it was put down on the ground.
There it was for all to see.

No signs needed.
No notice to pass out.
No guard posted.
No message on the radio.

You did not draw this line.
You did not send out a notice.
You did not stop the traffic there.
You did not ask for a guard to stop people.

For all these things you are not guilty.
For all these things you have no part of.
For inside this line so bold to see.
The only one guilty of this line was me.

Many years have passed since then.
Much pain was cause by that line.
You are gone and I but a lonely soul.
Unable to tell you I am sorry.

I pass by that line and see it lingering.
My name hanging there to haunt me.
Your tears still staining the ground.
I bow my head but nothing changes.

It is not chalk nor is it pen.
Yet it drew the line.
Clear it was put down on the ground.
There it was for all to see.


Drawing: James Earl Wells, Copyright 2012

When The Children Cry

I have sailed across the oceans wide.
I have navigated the rivers and waterways of continents.
I have walk the roads of many countries.
I have looked under every bridge and in every town.

Yet, through all this I have found only violence.
In some I have found people starving.
Others were slaves to the powers to be.
And in all the Children were crying.

The children would gather with hands out.
Their eyes red and swollen.
Their  bodies tiny from starvation.
No, tears for crying just the look of death.

Some the graves were larger than the village.
Others there was no energy to see who was going through the village.
The moans coming from grass huts.
The dead laying on the paths, with no one to bury them.

The sound of death could be heard long before you reached the town.
The smell lingered for miles.
The images burned into your mind.
Each place would be better or worse, it did not matter. They were the same.

A heart broken.
A life taken.
A land nothing but dirt.
Nothing but dirt and huts.

Miles poles with bodies hanging from them.
Others they just lay there a blank stare.
Then the ones who would crawl, hand out stretched.
The sadness on the faces.

A lifetime gone within moments.
A heartache of a lifetime.
No one knows, and no one sees.
They just walk on by as if the paths were empty.

No, care or love.
No food or drink.
No medicine for the sick.
No shovels for the dying.

Just the cry’s of death.
Cry’s so loud it deafens the ears.
So vivid the heart breaks.
So terrible you hang your head and ask why!

So terrible you wish you could die for them.
They have done nothing to anyone.
There’s is not for us to judge.
Only that we help.

Blinders we see as they walk by.
Blinders as they buy land to build empires.
Blinders as it is only one less mouth to feed.
Blinders as they smile walking into the new building.

Hold high the head.
With the Blood of those dying.
Happiness for the new Company.
With death all around it.

And so man walks on.
They call it progress.
As another one dies.
Laying on the ground for wild animals to eat.

So repulsive are these words.
I have written them for you.
I have written them for them.
Will they make you act?
Or will you move on?

Nothing Mattered

It was not long ago.
We use to play in the apple grove.
We ran and laughed.
We did not have a care in the world.

So many years have gone since then.
Our running days behind us.
Some days our laughs turn to tears.
And the world surrounds us with fear.

I long for the day to see you there again.
A smile on your face.
Your laughter in my ears.
You gentle touch that took me there.

Looking into your eyes.
I knew that all things are good.
Nothing else mattered.
You were my shining star.

I long to feel you close to me.
To touch me so gentle and kind.
To smell you hair that makes me think of spring.
To lay with you in the cool soft grass.

It was long ago when I loved you.
It was long ago when you loved me.
It was long ago when life was just our world.
It was long ago when nothing really mattered.

But it was just yesterday when I knew you mattered.
It was just yesterday when I found you were gone.
It was just yesterday when I cried.
It was just yesterday when it seemed by life ended.

It was long ago when you loved me.
And it was long ago when I loved you.
It was long ago when should have said I am sorry.
It was long ago and it was very far away.

I will miss you.
I will hold you in my heart.
Your memories will be ever on my mind.
And long ago was just like yesterday.

Daughter Of Mine

When I first looked into your big brown eyes.
I knew the world was about to change.
Even a small as you were.
You would cause many tears.
Tears of Joy and Love.

I knew we would fight.
I knew there would be times you would not like me.
But I knew that I would always Love You.
That I would watch over and protect you.
Even when you did not want me to.

You started school and I cried.
You played in sports and I cried.
You had a boyfriend and I was scared.
You grew up to fast and I cried. 
You were still my little girl.

You went to a dance and I watched.
As you went from a child you a young woman.
I became selfish and wanted my little girl back.
God had other plans for this wonderful child.

Time flew by and one day you were married.
And I cried.
You had your babies and I cried.
I look and now you are woman.
Working hard to make your life.
And I cried.

I miss the music, the singing and dancing.
I miss your voice each day.
I miss your big brown eyes.
Making Daddy melt, and yes, you got your way.
And that made me cry.

No matter how old you get.
No matter how far away you may be.
I will always love you.
And I will cry.
Not tears of sorrow but of joy.

You see when they put you in my arms that day.
I became something that I never dreamed I would be.
I became a Father and Protector of this small child.
There was no manual of instructions so we did our best.
Now that child is a Mother, Provider of Love and Care.

Melanie, when you were born, God gave me another chance.
A chance to show that I can love as much as he does.
As he is our Father, I am yours too.
And without a doubt you are the greatest daughter in the world.

And I am crying.
Not of sorrow but of Joy.

I Will Always Love You as I told you many years ago.
Proud and full of joy that God gave me you.
And I will Cry.
Not of sorrow but of Joy.

My brown eyed little girl is a woman now.
In joy I cry for the happiness you have given me.
In joy I cry for the memories I have of you.
In joy I will cry, just for you.

Melanie, I Love You.



Photo By Barbara Jean Wells, Copyright 2013