My Lovers Prayer

To hold me,
Touch me,
Kiss Me,
Hear my voice one more time.

To see me smile,
To hear me laugh,
To feel my gentle touch,
To make love.

To never let go.
To make me understand,
To give me love never dying.
To say “I Love You.”

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Lover, My Live, My Wife.
My Lover’s Prayer.
My Lovers, A Life that would never end.

My Lover’s Prayer,
To go back and start this all over.
My Lover,

Did it really end?
Gone now.
Hearts broken,
A cold stone,
A Name of Long Ago,

My Lover’s Prayer,
My Prayer.





A Man Of Rags

Treasured small hands dipped in cool clear water.
Eyes so blue the heavens open for the beauty they behold.
A voice so soft not even the leaves move as her voice passes by.
Her steps so light the ground does not move with each step.

Long curls of blonde hair flows down her back.
Her skin soft as cotton and smooth as new spun silk.
Her smile brings down the angels from the clouds.
Her songs brings the animals of the forest.

Butterfly’s follow her every where she goes.
The Sun never leaves her face.
She walks in his Grace.
She talks to Him all day.

He loves her without measure.
His arms surround her everywhere she goes.
In her bad times He lifts her up and carries her home.
And in her good times he blesses her with Love.

Her treasured small hands dipped in the cool clear water.
Her blue eyes looked up at the man in rags.
She gave him the drink she took in her hands.
The voice from heaven was clear as a bell.

My maidservant pleases me.
As she follows me wherever I go.
I never knew her or have set my eyes on her.
Yet I have felt her touch and felt her love.

I am but a poor man in rags.
I wonder the land looking for truth.
I take what people give me.
I Thank The Lord for my Life.

He lays his head on the ground.
Where he would sleep.
She would sit in the tree singing.
Waiting for the new day smiling on a man.

A man of rags with many riches.

Child O’ Child

A Child
Knows its mothers touch.
Recognizes its mothers speech.
Knows the sent of its mother.

A Child
Knows when its mother fears.
Feels its mothers joy.
Clings to its mothers love.

A Child
Needs a mothers love.
Needs a mothers joy.
Needs the mothers love.

A Child
Has died by the time you read the first verse.
Has cried from hunger since you read the second verse.
Has been beaten since you read the third verse.

A Child
Cannot defend itself.
Cannot walk away.
Cannot say no.

A Child
Who has never seen it mother, father, sister or brother.
Who will never know what joy is.
Who will never feel love of someones arms around them.
Who will never fall in love.
Who will never watch the sun rise or set in awe of its splendor.

A Child
Faceless to us as we will never see them.
Hopeless because we will never help them.
Dead because they were just A Child!

Tomorrow May Never Come

The cool running water of a stream.
The warmth of a summer day.
The smell of your perfume.
The smooth softness of your skin.

Your beautiful brown eyes.
Looking deep into mine.
Your smile gives me comfort.
Your caress gives me joy.

If tomorrow never comes.
And I never see you again.
Will you know that I always Love You.
I always have and always will.


Photo Credit:  Unknown

Where Darkness Runs

Night shot of mountains and lake, Bulgaria

Darkness creeps slowly.
Covering the ground with it shades of gray.
It will cover everything.
Then it will be total darkness.

The mind brings fear in the dark.
Shadows move in and out of sight.
The Midnight Sun hides from your stare.

Then the ears hear a slight brush of leaves.
You turn your head looking quickly into the dark.
Nothing is there yet the hair stands up on your arms.

You try to outrun the thing following you.
It matches your every move.
Your heart beats so hard you can hardly breath.

You stop to listen.
You hear nothing but silence.
Until the leaves move again.

Your body spins around.
The sweat runs down your brow.
There is nothing there.

You climb the steps.
Fumbling the keys you stop to listen.
You hear the steps of shoes on the pavement.

You unlock the door.
Quickly you enter and shut the door.

Locking every lock, pulling all the shades.

You reach for the light switch and stop.
Your breathing is labored.
Your hearing sharp listening for anything.

As you touch the switch.
A hand touches yours.
Your heart beating so hard it is all you can hear.

Your hand is moved away from the switch.
You are moved away deeper in the dark.
You close your eyes as darkness takes you deeper.

Deep in the dark now you are gripped with terror.
The hand runs down your spine.
Chills follow the fingers down your spine and then back up.

As the hand moves in the darkness.
You hear one more slight click.
And then darkness fills your mind.

Artwork Credit: “Evengy Kuklev, Getty Images”

Long Path Home

Peddles of Roses.
Sent of Lilac.
The cup of a Tulip.
The trumpet of the Petunia.
The radiance of the Marigold.

The long path home.
The winding of the road love.
The tall hill to the spirit.
The straight road of trouble.

The sunset in the ocean.
The mirror of the lake.
The running of a stream.
The trickle of the creek.

The love of a woman.
The gentleness of a man.
The inocence of  child.
The agony of death.

The song from the heart.
The glow of the soul.
The magic of the mind.
The words of the poet.

The days end.
The setting sun.
The shadow of darkness.
The sleep of an angel.



There has never been a time when you were not on my mind.
I cannot think of time when you were not in my dreams.
I do not remember if I ever fell out of love with you.

I remember your long brown hair.
Your big brown eyes.
I remember your beautiful smile.

There has never been a time when I stopped thinking about you.
I do not remember a time when I did not love you.
I cannot imagine life without you.

I remember the sweet smell of your hair.
The cool summer breeze.
I remember your warm kiss.

There has never been a time when you were not there.
I do not remember you going away.
I cannot imagine a summer night without your soft touch.

I remember the sound of your laugh.
The smell of fresh cut hay.
I remember your warm body next to mine.

So where did we go?
What went wrong?
Why are you gone?

I cannot remember when it ended.
I cannot imagine leaving you alone.
I remember everything but when you were gone.