I’ve never shook the hand of a King or bowed to a Queen.
I watched a wall built to separate east and west .
And I watched  the wall come down.


I have never been rich, nor have I ever been poor.
I have seen the mighty carvings of the Presidents in a mountain.
I flown almost all the way around the world.


I do not know how many people I have met.
I know that it is more that I could ever count.
Each one has touched me in some way for that I thank them.

I joined the Army. Not sure it meant much at the time.
They gave me a lot places to go and things to see.
It’s just something in the past now.


I have been married twice. And the second time took.
I have a beautiful  daughter and three wonderful grandsons.
Those are in the present.


I suppose you could say I have had a full life.
If seems short to me when I look at it.
But when I look at all I have done, I wonder when I had the time to do it all.


,I have Thanked God for the many days he has given me to discover just how wonderful this world is.
I pray that when he takes me home that I may live in his house with many rooms.


I have never stood on the shore of Galilee but someday I will.
I have never prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane but I will.
I have never been to heaven ,  but I will.


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