Forever Lost In Love

The sun warm coming through the window.
The water front foam rolling onto the shore.
The smell of coffee fills the house.
Yet, the bed is missing an important part.

How long has it been?
How much has it hurt?
How many times has warmth turned to cold?

It seems it was just yesterday her smile would wake him.
The sun seemed to make her want to finish what went on last night.
The coffee was never made until the bedroom was quite.
And two naked bodies lay rolled into one.

It was just yesterday when the call came.
She was planting flowers in the planters.
There was nothing they could do.
He dropped the glass and fell to his knees.
That was all he could do.
His world had just ended.

He was numb for months and his work suffered.
His house was a mess.
He walked from the bedroom to the coffee.
Only to the bathroom and closet and office.

What would he do?
No more morning flings.
Or laying rolled naked in silence.
His days did not matter.
And today his life seemed it was through.
He never felt more like life did not matter.

He lays looking out the window.
Yet there is nothing to see.
He lays in the bed.
Without a reason to get up.

And now alone.
What comes now?
His high school sweetheart.
The one he married.
The one he loved.
The one he lived for.


Stock photos for rose.


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