When Life Is

It says the sun is out and warm today.
The day is perfect day for getting out to play.
The grass is green and have bloomed.
The laughter is in the air.

In all the joy, in all the laughter the happiness blooms
We lay in the grass with the warmth of the sun on our face.
We invite our friends and family to share in this grand day.
We sit and snack on the food drinking lemonade.
Playing childhood games the whole day.

Everyone around seems to be doing the same.
No sadness, or crying, the perfect day of peace.
The cool air of evening creeps in the valley.
And people pack to go home.

Daily lives start over again with TV’s and radios.
Giving the days breaking stories.
No one seems to listens or care.
Life is back as were the day before.

As lights go out and covers pulled up.
Kisses exchanged, and adjustments in bed made.
Eyes close for the night is still young and work will come early.

Suddenly eyes open and in the darkness,
The white ceiling seems to speak.
The voice so clear. Never has it ever said something so profound.

“Jesus Wept”


Here I Am

Here I am again.
Just as I promised.
I have come to tell you I am sorry.

Yet, you will not let me speak.
I cried on the long drive here.
I thought it would be best.

Yet, again here I stand crying.
You must think me only a child.
Just as much as the day I broke your heart.

It is nice today.
The smell of the morning dew on the grass.
The slight warmth of the sun as it rises.

I suppose I could stay longer.
You could watch me cry.
Or I could just drive off leaving you again!

I guess I have said enough.
I have wiped the dirt off the stone.
I will leave the rose across your name.

I will cry as I leave.
I will cry all the way back home.
I guess I was never meant to say “Sorry.”

So I will go now.
I will go home.
I will never forget you.
But I will go home.
I will see you next year.




The warmth of a smile.
The beauty of the eyes.
The softness of the lips.
The curve of the neck.

The smell of the hair.
The smooth fair skin.
The gentle hands.
The bounce in a walk.

The time of day.
The brightness of the sun.
The cool of the breeze.
The setting of the sun.

All in one day.
The life of one person.
The Love they express.
The Hope that dwells deep within

The very essence of life lived.
The wonderful smells of the world.
And when the day is over.
The silence of sleep.

To wake to another day.
To love one more time.
To touch one more smile.
To live life and never forget.

It Was Me

I have not seen you for awhile!

I do miss your smile.

It seems like yesterday.

You were in my arms.

Yet it was so long ago.


I know it was me.

The one who said it’s over.

I know it was me.

The one who never called again.


It seems like yesterday.

Your smile warmed my soul.

Your body warmed mine.

Yet it was long ago.


I know that it was me.

The one who said goodbye.

I know that it was me.

That ended a love so true.


It seems like yesterday.

When you cried as you left my car.

I miss your eyes looking into mine.

Yet it was long ago.


I know it was me that left you behind.

A day that I will never forget.

I know it was me.

It seems like yesterday.

When you spoke to me.


I know it was me.

The one who went away.

I know it was me.

Yet I still love you.

I still miss you.

I still want you.

I still need you.

I still want to be in your arms.

I still want to see your smiling face.

I want to touch you again.

I want to look into your eyes again.


I know it was me.

Yes, It was me.

I said “Good Bye.”

Yes, it was me.

Only me.

And Oh how I regret that day.


It was me!