Who Am I Now

A glimpse of the past.
A tear of regret.
A longing for yesterday.
A look at today.

A love lost then.
A heart broke.
A time far away.
A look at today.

A walk down the road.
A skip of a rock on the lake.
A sun set her head on my shoulder.
A look at today.

A trip down a one lane road.
A rusty one lane bridge.
A laughter still echoing through hills.
A look at today.

A past and a present.
A present with a past.
A love lost with a heart broken.
And a look at today.

The present cannot change the past.
The present will always have the past.
The heart will always be broken.
And the love will always be lost.

And looking at today,
Will only give you peace.
Because there may be a tomorrow.
And tomorrow the past will be a little
Not part of the look of today.

A past.
A regret.
A yesterday.
A today.


Somewhere Tomorrow

The smell of morning.
The Feel of grass on bare feet.
The suns rays on your face.

The laughter in the air.
The love you came home to.
The other world you lived in.

Baseball games at night.
Music on a transistor radio.
Dedicating a song to your girlfriend.


Riding your bicycle all day long.
Laying in the yard at night.
Watching the “lighting bugs.”

Fussing because you had to go to bed.
But you looked out the screen window.
Knowing you would be doing it all again.






My beautiful picture

Photo Credit: Gertie Wells, @1957

Tomorrow May Never Come

The cool running water of a stream.
The warmth of a summer day.
The smell of your perfume.
The smooth softness of your skin.

Your beautiful brown eyes.
Looking deep into mine.
Your smile gives me comfort.
Your caress gives me joy.

If tomorrow never comes.
And I never see you again.
Will you know that I always Love You.
I always have and always will.


Photo Credit:  Unknown

The Sum Of Who I Am

I am a sum of my parts?
So what is that?

I look at my hands and they are wrinkled.
They use to be smooth.
I look at my body and I am fat.
I use to be skinny.
I wear glasses.
I never wore glasses before.

So what sum are my parts?
Are they the total of the age that I am?
Or the time that I am in?

I cannot shake the past.
Nor can I stop tomorrow.
For one will become the other.
And the other will be a part.

The eyes see what is in front of them.
They do not judge nor do they lie.
Yet the truth that they tell can hurt.
And the hurt can last a lifetime.

So what is the sum?
If the sum comes from yesterday.
And yesterday comes from today.
How do we change tomorrow?

If tomorrow changes yesterday.
And today marks the new day.
What becomes of the future if tomorrow is changed?

What is the part that is the sum?
What part of the sum is the total?
What equals the sum of the total?
And when does the sum end?

I am the sum of my parts?
Or am I just the sum?

Melanie (My wonderful Daughter) and Me.

Melanie (My wonderful Daughter) and Me.

A Part of me.


Photo by: Barbara J. Wells 2013







Troubled World

Will man survive another day?
Will the earth be it’s every guard?
Can life continue with such evil inside?
Or will fire consume the soul?

If you could have the answer,
Would you tell all the truth?
If you could stop one hurt in the world,
Would you sacrifice your life to do it?

And when the sun sets tonight,
Will you sleep peaceful knowing you did not help?
When you wake tomorrow will you see the sun?
Or will feel your mistake?

Will man survive another day?
Will the water guard the shores?
Will the evil within the ground swallow up your soul?
Will everything you know right now be lost forever?


And will you feel the pain?

If man can survive another day,
If the earth guards the soul,
If the water surrounds the shores,
And twilight sets another day.
Will it all be over or just the start,
Of life being fought another way?

Between Will and I

If I protect you will you be okay?
If I shelter you from the cruel world,
Will you understand?
If I keep you all to myself,
Will you always be mine?

If I let you go,
Will you come back?
If I let the world surround you,
Will you hate me.
If I never protect you,
Will harm come to you?

If I love you,
Will you love me?
If I give you my heart,
Will you give me yours?

If I give everything I own,
Will you be happy?
If I embrace you every night,
Will you embrace me too?

When I grow old,
Will you grow old with me?
When I die,
Will you remember me?

When I am in my grave,
Will you come to me?
When I have gone before my maker,
Will you pray for me?

If I did all these things,
Will you do them too.
Will you stay by my side?
Will you love me always?
Will you overlook my faults?
Will you take my hand when I am sick?
Will you keep my heart with yours?
Will you never let me go?
Will you say I love you everyday?
Will you allow me to court you?
Will you allow me when I am eighty to hold your hand?
Will you listen to my stories?
Will you never tire of my habits good or bad?

Will you love me forever?
Will you love me tomorrow?
Will you love me today?

Do you know I love you?

Where Is When

Where the sunshines, there is beauty.
Where the wind blows there is splendor.
Where leaves fall there is wonder.

Where there is water, there is life.
Where there is shade, there is an idea.
Where there is a mountain, there is challenge.

Where life takes you, you are there.
Where death takes you, there you are.
Where the wind takes you, there is tomorrow.

Where you are, there is everything.
Where you have been, you are gone.
Where  you are going, you are not there.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.
Where the body goes, the mind takes you there.
Where you are, there is where you will be.