Lost In Dreams


I walk this road alone.
I will never be able to go home.
Everything is far away.
Gone and lost in dreams of yesteryears.

I seek those things of yesterday.
Yet they have disappeared in time.
Gone along with the dreams.
Slipped through time like water through fingers.

I sleep to dream of you and the dreams of what we had then.
I awake and see the things that are the reality of time past.
A place which cannot be changed.
An awaking of how we waste the time we once had.

I walk alone in this road of loneliness.
Knowing that only I and I alone took those dreams away.
In darkness I cry feeling sorry for myself.
I destroyed the time of dreams for that I walk this road alone.






Photo by James Earl Wells 2017


I Remember

I remember when there were flowers in your hair.
I remember when we stood side by side against war and racism.
I remember when the police beat us and arrested us.
I remember falling in love with you.
I remember hanging on to every word you spoke.
I remember how we fought and how we loved.
I remember the parks where we met.
I remember the rallies before the march.
I remember the smell in the summer air.
I remember every moment in time.
I remember when it ended.
I remember when we stopped.
I remember everything.
I watch it every day.
I remember.


Here is my money, take it all.
Here is my clothing take what you need.

Here is my home come stay out of the rain.
Here is my car go where you need to go.

Here is my love for I have plenty.
Here is my sorrow for have given all.
Here is my voice for I have said it all.
Here is my world for it is big enough for all of us.

Here is my grave for I must go now,
Here is where I will lay.
Here is where you will find me.
Here is where I will stay.

Here is where God will take me.
Here is where I will climb to home.
Here is where the Journey begins.
Here is where it really begins.
Here is where I will see you again.

Passing Words

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

“If time should pass.
And this world should end.
If life should go away.
And we never meet again.

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

If we never meet before that day.
And our time really passes away.
Remember me for who I am.
Not for what I use to be.

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

“Know I loved you then and love you now.
Know my love never died.
Know I wanted your forgiveness.
Know I am but a faulty man.

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

I am sorry for then.
I am sorry for now.
I am sorry for the hurt.
I am sorry for the mistake.” 

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

You are gone now.
I will never say these words to you.
My heart hurts from the pain.
Your passing still burning in my soul.

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

If we meet again, will you?
If by chance we pass will you?
If you see me will you?
If I look at you again will you?”

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Hold me!
Love me!

” All of these will you?
All of these will?

All of these?
All of?
Will you?


Last Words

Something told me not to come.
Someone gave me a note from the beyond.
I do not understand why.
And when I read it, I began to cry.

The signature was plane to see.
It was a note to set me free.
I never wanted to see this day.
And I never thought I would have nothing to say.

Like the sun setting in the west.
I was sure I gave it my very best.
Somehow I knew how you would feel.
But never guessed you would wait till now.

As they lowered you into the ground.
I became lost again and would never be found.
So why did you pick this way to leave?
When I was waiting to see you and make you believe.

You are gone and I am here.
I am here living in fear.
They day never came for me to say my last words.
The words I am sorry, for what I had done.

So now that you are there and I am here.
Please know I will always think of you dear.
The love in my heart will never part.
And you will still own the largest part.

Goodnight my dear sleep tight.
I will see you sometime after midnight.


The warmth of a smile.
The beauty of the eyes.
The softness of the lips.
The curve of the neck.

The smell of the hair.
The smooth fair skin.
The gentle hands.
The bounce in a walk.

The time of day.
The brightness of the sun.
The cool of the breeze.
The setting of the sun.

All in one day.
The life of one person.
The Love they express.
The Hope that dwells deep within

The very essence of life lived.
The wonderful smells of the world.
And when the day is over.
The silence of sleep.

To wake to another day.
To love one more time.
To touch one more smile.
To live life and never forget.

Life Moves On

The flowers grow in spring.
The rains water the flowers.
The sun warms the blooms.
And Life moves on.

The tree grows over years.
The branches flowing outward.
The one day it provides shade for everything.
And Life moves on.

A man and woman fall in love.
They have a child and raise the child to adulthood.
The child leaves and falls in love.
And Life moves on.

One day a person gets sick.
They spend time in the Hospital for a cure.
Then the day comes they pass away.
And Life moves on.

We start dying the day we are born.
We touch many people on our way.
We learn many things and pass them on.
And Life moves on.

The key to the door that is never used.
Is the key of knowledge and love.
The key of life comes to some.
And Life moves on.

We pray, we meditate, we bow to the east.
We ask for forgiveness and a blessed life.
We ask that our family’s are protected.
And Life moves on.

One hundred years is not very long.
You live while you can and the best you know how.
You try to do everything that you have on your list.
And Life moves on.

Today is today, tomorrow is not promised.
The past is just what it is. It can never return.
In the moment life is the chance to do something.
And life moves on.

Six feet is not far from the surface.
When that final word is said.
Pray that you at least made on person smile in your life.
And life will move on.