I want to say your name,
But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain.
I can’t understand.

I want to feel you skin again,
But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain.
I just want you back again.

I want you to kiss me again.
But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain.
I just want to stop crying.

I want to hear your voice again.
But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain.
It cuts deep into my bleeding heart.

But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain.
I stand here flowers in hand.

This is not how I wanted it.
But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain.
I walk away alone again.

But I look out and it starts to rain.
It brings back all the pain again.
It brings back all the pain.

Goodnight my Love



Walking to close to the water,
Listening to the water crashing against the rocks,
The breeze flowing through long beautiful hair.
The slight smell of salt in the air.

Sun coming up, the rays touching bare skin,
Goose flesh up arms as the cool turns to warm.
Turning toward the sun and walking away,
There seems to be a familiar feeling here.

Suddenly the cry of a crow breaks the silence,
The leaves move in the trees and life begins to move.
The chatter of the morning becomes louder.
The night has slowly faded away to wait its turn.

Wake, O’ Wake the morning and guide this poor soul.
Take the hand and show the way where life is easy,
And the land is peaceful, where answers come.
Wake, O’ Wake sweet peaceful earth.

When you wake make everything the way it was.
Give back the innocence that was lost so long ago,
Heal the those who were scared.

The sun begins to set into the water.
The orange ball looks as if it is dissolving.
The sweet smell of Lilac is in the air.
Sleep comes and night brings darkness to daylight.

O’ sweet love, where were you?
O’ sweet heart, were you broken by time?
O’ sweet life, you have passed us by.
O’ sweet death, you are knocking on the door?

How sweet to have lived, and loved.
Here we will part, Here we will meet again.
Where the water flows free and the peaceful lands will
wrap it’s arms around us.




Tomorrow May Never Come

The cool running water of a stream.
The warmth of a summer day.
The smell of your perfume.
The smooth softness of your skin.

Your beautiful brown eyes.
Looking deep into mine.
Your smile gives me comfort.
Your caress gives me joy.

If tomorrow never comes.
And I never see you again.
Will you know that I always Love You.
I always have and always will.


Photo Credit:  Unknown


My love is unconditional.
My heart is open with plenty of room.
My life is an open book.
And you are part of that life.

We may not know each other.
And our paths may never cross.
But I give you what I would give my own blood.
You are part of a family that can only be defined as global.

I do not judge you for the color of your skin.
I do not judge you for the beliefs you treasure.
I will defend your rights as much as my own.
I give you all that I have to give.

I do want you to have peace.
I do want you to have love.
I do want you to be afraid.
I do want you to know I am here for you.

I will stand up for you.
I will hold you up when you are down.
I will be the one that says no one has the right to judge you.
I will be the one who will pray for you.

I am the one who does not sit by the sidelines.
I am the one who wears the armor and shield.
I am the one who will embrace you in your time of need.
I am the one that My God told me to help others.

Will you accept my open hand of friendship?
Will you tell me what you need?
Will you trust that I will not abandon you.
Will you let me be apart of your world.

I Pray you will.
I Pray that you are.
I Pray that you can.
I Pray that you say yes.

I offer this to my many Brothers and Sisters.
I offer this to Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Tao.
I offer this to Any Race, or Creed.
I offer without the need for anything from you but trust.

This is a journey and we are all here on the ride.
This is a place where we all need to band together.
This is the time we find common ground.
This is the day that we reach out.

I will meet you half way without fear.
I will give you the same support I give my family.
I will never leave you.
I will never deceive you.

Take my hand.
Embrace me as I embrace you.
Take my word that I am who I am.
Join me and lets make this a world of Love.

Peace Be With You.
God Be With You.

And I will follow not behind you.
But beside you.
Can you do the same?
Will you take my offer?
Will you accept my love?
Will we engage the world?

When they day is over will we?
When the sun goes down can we?
When the moon arises in the night are we?
When the Sun sets do we?

Love, Charity, Faith.
And the greatest of these is LOVE!


The warmth of a smile.
The beauty of the eyes.
The softness of the lips.
The curve of the neck.

The smell of the hair.
The smooth fair skin.
The gentle hands.
The bounce in a walk.

The time of day.
The brightness of the sun.
The cool of the breeze.
The setting of the sun.

All in one day.
The life of one person.
The Love they express.
The Hope that dwells deep within

The very essence of life lived.
The wonderful smells of the world.
And when the day is over.
The silence of sleep.

To wake to another day.
To love one more time.
To touch one more smile.
To live life and never forget.