Times Riddle

One who looks but does not see!
One who seeks but does not find!
One who reaches but does not grasp!

One born begins to die!
One who has died must be born!
One who has nothing will have all!

Light begat Darkness!
Good begat Evil!
Love begat Hate!

One who fears must overcome!
One who hates must forgive!
One who lies must tell the truth!

One who is is not another!
One who will will not!
One who tries will will try again!

One who is lost will find!
One who is found will rejoice!
One who hurts will heal!

For the Light begat Darkness!
And Good begat Evil!
And Love begat Hate.




Love comes to those who look for it.
It overcomes all tragedy.
People want it.
Everyone needs it.

Can you give love?
Is it in your heart?
Is it in your soul?
Is it on your mind?

Songs are written about it.
Books tell the story of it.
Religious Books are full of it.
Movies show it.

Love comes to all who seek it.
Love is not jealous or mean.
Love ask nothing of another.
Love seeks all who need it.

Do you Love?
Will You Love?
Have you loved?
Are you loved?

Love is a beautiful thing.
They say it is in the Air.
They say if fills the heart.
Love is all and love asks for nothing.
But Love itself.

Looking For The Answer

Never seen it coming.
Thought it would never be.
I lost sight of the future.
And I became scared overnight.

When others started to go.
I realized I was still here.
I do not know if you need a ticket.
And I did not know who to ask.

The brochure did not have a schedule.
So I do not know the day.
It only showed me where I am.
And it did not tell me where I would go.

So I walked away confused.
But I had the ticket in hand.
It did not have a date.
Which scared even more.

So I went to ask a Holy Man.
And here is what he said.
You come here and seek.
But you do not like what you hear.

So I traveled to another land.
My question still in hand.
I came upon a golden dome.
And I started in the door.

A man met me and I did not understand.
He spoke a different language.
So confusion was still at hand.
But then came the answer and it was as before.

You come here to seek.
But do not like what you hear.
Your trouble is not the ticket.
Or where you are today.

You will never know the rest.
So you might as well sit and pray.
I sat down on the floor and looked up to the ceiling.
And there is where I heard it.

It was not a loud and yet not a whisper.
It was in my ear and not my head and it spoke very clear.
You seek and you travel.
But you will never like what you hear.

Today you have found.
That not everything is clear.
When your ticket is ready.
Then is when you will see.

So leave now and go to where you live.
Wait for the day to come.
For only one knows when he will come.
And your seeking will become clear.

So I took my leave and traveled.
To a place close to home.
I went inside the Church to see the Priest.
And he said it was very clear.

That what I would seek would never be found.
If I worried about the day.
So relax and live your life.
Then someday your day will come.