When Life Is

It says the sun is out and warm today.
The day is perfect day for getting out to play.
The grass is green and have bloomed.
The laughter is in the air.

In all the joy, in all the laughter the happiness blooms
We lay in the grass with the warmth of the sun on our face.
We invite our friends and family to share in this grand day.
We sit and snack on the food drinking lemonade.
Playing childhood games the whole day.

Everyone around seems to be doing the same.
No sadness, or crying, the perfect day of peace.
The cool air of evening creeps in the valley.
And people pack to go home.

Daily lives start over again with TV’s and radios.
Giving the days breaking stories.
No one seems to listens or care.
Life is back as were the day before.

As lights go out and covers pulled up.
Kisses exchanged, and adjustments in bed made.
Eyes close for the night is still young and work will come early.

Suddenly eyes open and in the darkness,
The white ceiling seems to speak.
The voice so clear. Never has it ever said something so profound.

“Jesus Wept”



It is a long way home.
And a long time getting there.
It won’t be the way you left it.
And the ones you knew will be gone.

The marks you made are but a shadow in time.
The streets you once drove on are empty of busy cars.
The places you use to go have been leveled to the ground.
Oh, the memories flash before your eyes.

And when the sun sets the lights are all down low.
The moon rises over a sleepy town.
It is not like you left it and I suppose it never will.
This life that you lived is the memories in your mind.

It was a long way home.
And it took a long time to get there.
It was not the way I left it.
And all my friends are gone.

The streets empty of cars.
The memories of long ago travel through my mind.
I turn around sad of what is not there.
A ghost town is where I lived.
And it was long ago.

I pray someday before I go the place I called Home.
Will be full again with laughter and joy.
As they lay me to rest with Mom and Dad.
On my last journey home.