Walking to close to the water,
Listening to the water crashing against the rocks,
The breeze flowing through long beautiful hair.
The slight smell of salt in the air.

Sun coming up, the rays touching bare skin,
Goose flesh up arms as the cool turns to warm.
Turning toward the sun and walking away,
There seems to be a familiar feeling here.

Suddenly the cry of a crow breaks the silence,
The leaves move in the trees and life begins to move.
The chatter of the morning becomes louder.
The night has slowly faded away to wait its turn.

Wake, O’ Wake the morning and guide this poor soul.
Take the hand and show the way where life is easy,
And the land is peaceful, where answers come.
Wake, O’ Wake sweet peaceful earth.

When you wake make everything the way it was.
Give back the innocence that was lost so long ago,
Heal the those who were scared.

The sun begins to set into the water.
The orange ball looks as if it is dissolving.
The sweet smell of Lilac is in the air.
Sleep comes and night brings darkness to daylight.

O’ sweet love, where were you?
O’ sweet heart, were you broken by time?
O’ sweet life, you have passed us by.
O’ sweet death, you are knocking on the door?

How sweet to have lived, and loved.
Here we will part, Here we will meet again.
Where the water flows free and the peaceful lands will
wrap it’s arms around us.





Walking Moon

I watched as she walked into the water.

Her toned brown curves slowly surrounded by the current of the river.
Her long black hair shining in the moonlit night.
Soon her head would go under the water without a sound.

I watched as she bathed in the river.

Her hair flew up in the air as her head came fully out of the water.
Her arms floating on each side, balancing her as she tip-toed deeper into the water.
Her eyes reflected the light shining on the water from the moon.

I watched as she came out of the water.

Her graceful steps brought her naked body slowly out of the water.
With each step her beauty begins to show in the light of night.
Her long legs toned of a person who worked in the fields or one of a runner.

She caught me watching her.

She looked over at me as I gazed on the beauty standing on the bank of the river.
She smiled and did not try to cover her naked body.
Slowly she walked to her clothes and dressed.

She walked away without a word.

Her brightly colored beads on her clothes came from skilled hands.
Her steps ever so gentle as she walked away from me.
She paused just for a moment and turned to give me one last smile.

I watched her walk away.

I watched as she walked through the trees and then out of my sight.
I sat frozen to the ground.
She was gone as fast as she appeared.

I did not know what to do.

I sat, my mind going a million miles a minute.
A hand touched my shoulder ever so gently.
I turned and there she stood, smiling offering me her hand.

I woke in a room of smoke.

The old man smiled at me and motioned with his hand.
The flap over the opening moved and the sunlight came in.
There she stood headband around her dark hair.

And then I woke.

I would take her hand and walk around the circle.
We would now be one. The ceremony would end.
Suddenly as if the earth shook I came up straight hitting my head.
I looked around and noticed that the room was tilted to one side.
On board a boat my dream had taken me back in time.
My Native woman gone. The beauty only a dream could make.