As The Lone Wolf Cries

Far from the noise of mans machines.
High above the clutter of the streets.
In peaceful shades of blue and green.

A lone wolf cries.
The days are hot.
The nights are extremely cold.

There is a sense of danger.
A smell of death.
A feeling of life yet to be discovered.

Alone you contemplate life.
You look for answers that are not there.
You seek dreams long ago forgotten.

A tear finds its way down your cheek.
If only you had not walked away?
Would she be alive today?
Who’s to say?

Can you make that decision now?
You made it back then.
There are no second chances now!

The sun goes down.
You wrap yourself in a blanket.
The stars bring back all the old songs.

You can hear “Sad Café.”
You can see where you first heard it.
You can feel her holding, your hand.

Then it is gone. Like sound of thunder.
The Large Moon in the sky lights up the desert.
As the heat rises to the cool air.
You can only remember, you can only feel.

You only feel the pain now.
When you turned your back.
When you walked away.

It was all over and you did not know.
You never knew what you had done.
On that dark summers night.

A lone wolf cries.
The days are hot.
The nights are extremely cold.

Your eyes close.
You dream a different dream.
When you wake,
You are far away from the desert.
High above the hills.

A tear slowly making its way down you cheek.
And you do not know why you feel sad.
You stretch, build a fire, make coffee.

And for some reason you remember something.
Something about a “Sad Café.”
And a happier time.
A very long time ago, share with a beautiful blonde woman…

It is over now.


What Is The Cost?



Mid Range

Fields of Grass
Meadows with lakes
Naked Bodies melding together

Joyful Noises

3 Days

Lost In The Moment
Just like the headstones

What is the cost of FREEDOM?