When Love Dies

When does love die?
When does the feeling go away?
Where does the longing go?
When does love die?

When does the pain stop?
When do the memories go away?
How long must I cry?
When does love die?

When do I forgive myself for what I did?
How do get you back again?
Will you forgive me or leave me for good?
When does love die?

Here I am old and grey, still with that feeling!
Here I lay in the dark longing for you again!
Here I sit crying over you still!
When does love die?

Forgiveness never came.
You never came back.
You are gone forever.
Love has never died!

When does love die.



Out of nowhere you came to me.

Out of darkness you made it light.

Out of sadness you made me smile.


I remember you very well.

You took my heart in your hands.

You loved me and gave me strength.


You smiled and I felt warm inside.

You kissed my wounds and I was healed

You touched me and I was whole.


You spoke and I understood.

You walked and I followed.

You showed me the way.


You gave me rest.

And I found freedom.

You let me believe and I was saved.


You forgave me.

And I cried.

You died and I was found.


You gave me everything.

And I praise your name.

When all was lost you were there.


When everything was dark.

You brought me into the light

And I believe in you.

You said that because I did I will be forgiven.


That is all I need.

Nothing more.

Just you.