Lost In Dreams


I walk this road alone.
I will never be able to go home.
Everything is far away.
Gone and lost in dreams of yesteryears.

I seek those things of yesterday.
Yet they have disappeared in time.
Gone along with the dreams.
Slipped through time like water through fingers.

I sleep to dream of you and the dreams of what we had then.
I awake and see the things that are the reality of time past.
A place which cannot be changed.
An awaking of how we waste the time we once had.

I walk alone in this road of loneliness.
Knowing that only I and I alone took those dreams away.
In darkness I cry feeling sorry for myself.
I destroyed the time of dreams for that I walk this road alone.






Photo by James Earl Wells 2017


Made Of Stone

Here I knell, head in hands.
Tears running down my burning cheeks.
Fearing the future, Hating the past.
Alone homeless my heart broken.

A lifetime we laughed and loved.
A world without hate, we had each other.
Each day we became closer.
Each year we became better lovers.

Today there is only silence.
Today my heart is scattered in the wind.
Today my dreams have been lost forever.
Today time has ceased.

The cold stone standing in the garden.
The words carved are only a name and dates.
They give nothing to the person who lies here.
The joy that she once brought, the love she gave to others.

In one moment she was there smiling.
The next it was gone as if erased from piece of paper.
As if she never existed, if only in a dream.
Yet the pain is real and memory vivid.

Here I knell head in hands.
The tears running down my burning cheeks.
Fearing the future, hating the past.
Alone, homeless, broken, and lost.





Cross Design: James Earl Wells Copyright 2009


As The Lone Wolf Cries

Far from the noise of mans machines.
High above the clutter of the streets.
In peaceful shades of blue and green.

A lone wolf cries.
The days are hot.
The nights are extremely cold.

There is a sense of danger.
A smell of death.
A feeling of life yet to be discovered.

Alone you contemplate life.
You look for answers that are not there.
You seek dreams long ago forgotten.

A tear finds its way down your cheek.
If only you had not walked away?
Would she be alive today?
Who’s to say?

Can you make that decision now?
You made it back then.
There are no second chances now!

The sun goes down.
You wrap yourself in a blanket.
The stars bring back all the old songs.

You can hear “Sad Café.”
You can see where you first heard it.
You can feel her holding, your hand.

Then it is gone. Like sound of thunder.
The Large Moon in the sky lights up the desert.
As the heat rises to the cool air.
You can only remember, you can only feel.

You only feel the pain now.
When you turned your back.
When you walked away.

It was all over and you did not know.
You never knew what you had done.
On that dark summers night.

A lone wolf cries.
The days are hot.
The nights are extremely cold.

Your eyes close.
You dream a different dream.
When you wake,
You are far away from the desert.
High above the hills.

A tear slowly making its way down you cheek.
And you do not know why you feel sad.
You stretch, build a fire, make coffee.

And for some reason you remember something.
Something about a “Sad Café.”
And a happier time.
A very long time ago, share with a beautiful blonde woman…

It is over now.

Tall Field Of Grass

I lay in a field of tall grass,
I felt the warm sun on my skin.
The warm breeze flows across my face.

I fall into a deep slumber.
There stars shine and the sound of water flowing.
I raise up to see the moon lighting up the world.

There before me, a beautiful figure.
She smiles and walks to me from the shadows.
Her nude body glimmers in the moonlight.

She kneels beside me.
Cradles my head and kisses me.
I feel fire run through my veins.

Her eyes look into mine.
Stealing my every thought.
I feel her slowly and gently entering my body.

Just as I feel the moment of pleasure.
Just as we have become one.
My eyes open again.

The tall grass surrounds me.
The sun warm on my skin.
And I am alone again.


A Journey Of Sorts

I watched a butterfly today.
I heard a baby cry.
I looked up into the clear blue sky.
Nothing was there.

I walked in the woods.
I heard the birds sing.
I looked up into the ceiling of leaves.
Nothing was there.

I looked down to the grass.
I heard the song of the Cicadas.
I looked up across the field of grass.
Nothing was there.

I looked into the river.
I saw the fish feeding on the water top.
I heard the frogs singing.
I looked across the river.
Nothing was there.

I sat beneath a tree.
I closed my eyes.
And slowing my thought drifted into dreams.
As I traveled I saw the Baby in her crib.
Then I saw the birds on tree branches.
As i traveled I saw the Cicadas on the trees.
Then the fish jumped up out of the water.
And it winked at me.

When I awoke I heard everything.
My eyes were open and I saw everything.
I looked at my hands and I saw the world.
I looked at the sky and I saw the Master himself.
And he winked at me.

Then I knew the answer.
And I was in balance.
I smiled back at the Master.
And he smiled at me.

Last Words

Something told me not to come.
Someone gave me a note from the beyond.
I do not understand why.
And when I read it, I began to cry.

The signature was plane to see.
It was a note to set me free.
I never wanted to see this day.
And I never thought I would have nothing to say.

Like the sun setting in the west.
I was sure I gave it my very best.
Somehow I knew how you would feel.
But never guessed you would wait till now.

As they lowered you into the ground.
I became lost again and would never be found.
So why did you pick this way to leave?
When I was waiting to see you and make you believe.

You are gone and I am here.
I am here living in fear.
They day never came for me to say my last words.
The words I am sorry, for what I had done.

So now that you are there and I am here.
Please know I will always think of you dear.
The love in my heart will never part.
And you will still own the largest part.

Goodnight my dear sleep tight.
I will see you sometime after midnight.

The End Of It

Just when the sun sets.
Just when it seems the day is over.
Just as I close my eyes.
Suddenly they open again.

The voice rushes through my head.
I can not find it so I can not understand it.
My life flashes brightly in front of my eyes.
I jump up to sit on the side of the bed.

I look around the room.
There is no one there but me.
There is no speaker.
There are no pictures.
There is just me.

I fold my arms moaning.
I look at what I have written.
Then I hear the voice.
The one from long ago.

Yet, it seems different this time.
And even now it is not clear.
I look down to the floor.
No, tears do I have.

For in my life I have lost many things.
And in my life I have watched people die.
Yet the thought of you confuses my mind.
Taken from life so soon seems impossible to me.

But as day breaks you are joined by another.
And then my heart is heavy and I begin to weep.
Only then does the pain start.
Only then does the morning start.

Never again will I say this.
Never again will I try.
And when the day is over.
I will dream of you again.

And that will be the end of it.
The moment you were taken away.

To my dear friend with Love.
Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam
Oct. 7 1954 to April 17 2013

And to my life long Friend
Tonia Dee (Wilson) Miller
 September 20, 1952 to April 29, 2013

May they rest in peace.