When Life Is

It says the sun is out and warm today.
The day is perfect day for getting out to play.
The grass is green and have bloomed.
The laughter is in the air.

In all the joy, in all the laughter the happiness blooms
We lay in the grass with the warmth of the sun on our face.
We invite our friends and family to share in this grand day.
We sit and snack on the food drinking lemonade.
Playing childhood games the whole day.

Everyone around seems to be doing the same.
No sadness, or crying, the perfect day of peace.
The cool air of evening creeps in the valley.
And people pack to go home.

Daily lives start over again with TV’s and radios.
Giving the days breaking stories.
No one seems to listens or care.
Life is back as were the day before.

As lights go out and covers pulled up.
Kisses exchanged, and adjustments in bed made.
Eyes close for the night is still young and work will come early.

Suddenly eyes open and in the darkness,
The white ceiling seems to speak.
The voice so clear. Never has it ever said something so profound.

“Jesus Wept”


The Old Man And The Stone

As the passing sun rises in the east.
And life is but moment in time.
My eyes but watches the hands move by.
The clock so still, the breath so slow.

Darkness the wind doth blow.
Moving curtains to and fro.
The latch of the window not so tight.
The moon hung low in fright.

Laces and bows dawn the dress.
Tails and ties the suit does fit.
A putt and bang the car rounds the bend.
A happy day does begin.

Oh what woes we weep.
When we do not sleep.
The day is long.
The night so sleek.

The Old Owl hoots a warning.
The Raven sits a waiting still.
The Wolf howls at the empty moon.
The door shut tight against the wind.

What more does man think he can do?
The grave comes and takes him to soon.
The women cry and the children beg.
And not even the bells of Church can be heard.

Chime once more oh clock of mine.
For I think I heard the stroke of nine.
And if it comes day or night.
We will stand again the mighty fight.

The day is gone, the hole is dug.
And man becomes what he once was.
From the dust of the earth.
To the dust of the grave.
The reaper stretches out the hand.
The body then goes in the cold hard ground.

A marker is put at the head of the hole.
A name and date written in bold.
In years to come will pass it by.
Never to stop, look or cry.

For as time passes in a blink of an eye.
The memory of man passes in the light of the sun.
Today his story is told.
Tomorrow it is worthless even in gold.


Gif By: Unknown Artist 1997

Where Darkness Runs

Night shot of mountains and lake, Bulgaria

Darkness creeps slowly.
Covering the ground with it shades of gray.
It will cover everything.
Then it will be total darkness.

The mind brings fear in the dark.
Shadows move in and out of sight.
The Midnight Sun hides from your stare.

Then the ears hear a slight brush of leaves.
You turn your head looking quickly into the dark.
Nothing is there yet the hair stands up on your arms.

You try to outrun the thing following you.
It matches your every move.
Your heart beats so hard you can hardly breath.

You stop to listen.
You hear nothing but silence.
Until the leaves move again.

Your body spins around.
The sweat runs down your brow.
There is nothing there.

You climb the steps.
Fumbling the keys you stop to listen.
You hear the steps of shoes on the pavement.

You unlock the door.
Quickly you enter and shut the door.

Locking every lock, pulling all the shades.

You reach for the light switch and stop.
Your breathing is labored.
Your hearing sharp listening for anything.

As you touch the switch.
A hand touches yours.
Your heart beating so hard it is all you can hear.

Your hand is moved away from the switch.
You are moved away deeper in the dark.
You close your eyes as darkness takes you deeper.

Deep in the dark now you are gripped with terror.
The hand runs down your spine.
Chills follow the fingers down your spine and then back up.

As the hand moves in the darkness.
You hear one more slight click.
And then darkness fills your mind.

Artwork Credit: “Evengy Kuklev, Getty Images”

Times Riddle

One who looks but does not see!
One who seeks but does not find!
One who reaches but does not grasp!

One born begins to die!
One who has died must be born!
One who has nothing will have all!

Light begat Darkness!
Good begat Evil!
Love begat Hate!

One who fears must overcome!
One who hates must forgive!
One who lies must tell the truth!

One who is is not another!
One who will will not!
One who tries will will try again!

One who is lost will find!
One who is found will rejoice!
One who hurts will heal!

For the Light begat Darkness!
And Good begat Evil!
And Love begat Hate.


Long Path Home

Peddles of Roses.
Sent of Lilac.
The cup of a Tulip.
The trumpet of the Petunia.
The radiance of the Marigold.

The long path home.
The winding of the road love.
The tall hill to the spirit.
The straight road of trouble.

The sunset in the ocean.
The mirror of the lake.
The running of a stream.
The trickle of the creek.

The love of a woman.
The gentleness of a man.
The inocence of  child.
The agony of death.

The song from the heart.
The glow of the soul.
The magic of the mind.
The words of the poet.

The days end.
The setting sun.
The shadow of darkness.
The sleep of an angel.


White Raven

In darkness I travel.
I do not need light you see.
I am behind the door.
I am in the closet and under the floor.

I sit on your roof looking down.
I scratch your windows and panes.
I watch you peek out into the night.
I hear you cover your head.

When you leave, I go.
When you return, I am there.
Ever watching, seeing only you.
In the mirror you will not see.

I am the burden of life for you and me.
I slip past your door at night.
I watch you sleep, your sheets over your head.
I hear you breath and for a moment your breath is mine.

I sit on top of your house.
I wait for you each day.
I know that someday you will pay.
And I will be there to take you away.

I am white in the night.
I am nothing in the light.
My eyes peer through the darkness.
Just to watch you while you sleep.

I spread my wings and call in the night.
You answer when you shake and look out.
You life is ever close to me.
I am the White Raven who collects souls.

You will not see me but I am there.
I will watch you and you will feel me.
I see everything that you do.
I wait claws wrapped on the tile roof.

I hear what no man hears.
The calling of the dead.
I am the White Raven who sees in the dark.
I am the one that the light never touches.

And I watch you in the night.


In the darkness of the night.
And the dawn of the day.
I look for you.

A friend for life you have been.
A legacy you have left us.
To soon you have gone.

Many love you.
Many still do.
Others will wonder all about you.

We will miss you.
We will  miss your smile.
We will miss your voice.
We will look for those glowing eyes.

The laughter you have left us.
Is the greatest thing you can do.
We know you are in good hands.
We know that it is true.

But a little part of our life is missing.
And that part is you.

To my dear friend with Love.
Cindy Gayle (Moffatt) Gilliam
Oct. 7 1954 to April 17 2013