Walking Moon

I watched as she walked into the water.

Her toned brown curves slowly surrounded by the current of the river.
Her long black hair shining in the moonlit night.
Soon her head would go under the water without a sound.

I watched as she bathed in the river.

Her hair flew up in the air as her head came fully out of the water.
Her arms floating on each side, balancing her as she tip-toed deeper into the water.
Her eyes reflected the light shining on the water from the moon.

I watched as she came out of the water.

Her graceful steps brought her naked body slowly out of the water.
With each step her beauty begins to show in the light of night.
Her long legs toned of a person who worked in the fields or one of a runner.

She caught me watching her.

She looked over at me as I gazed on the beauty standing on the bank of the river.
She smiled and did not try to cover her naked body.
Slowly she walked to her clothes and dressed.

She walked away without a word.

Her brightly colored beads on her clothes came from skilled hands.
Her steps ever so gentle as she walked away from me.
She paused just for a moment and turned to give me one last smile.

I watched her walk away.

I watched as she walked through the trees and then out of my sight.
I sat frozen to the ground.
She was gone as fast as she appeared.

I did not know what to do.

I sat, my mind going a million miles a minute.
A hand touched my shoulder ever so gently.
I turned and there she stood, smiling offering me her hand.

I woke in a room of smoke.

The old man smiled at me and motioned with his hand.
The flap over the opening moved and the sunlight came in.
There she stood headband around her dark hair.

And then I woke.

I would take her hand and walk around the circle.
We would now be one. The ceremony would end.
Suddenly as if the earth shook I came up straight hitting my head.
I looked around and noticed that the room was tilted to one side.
On board a boat my dream had taken me back in time.
My Native woman gone. The beauty only a dream could make.


Someday, Someway, Somewhere

I seen you standing there so tall.
Massive beauty in the skyline.
Proud a Nation to have you.
Many came for care.
Others for prosperity.

Though I never stood next to you.
And had never been near to you.
I have only seen your picture.
Majestic against the sky.

Inside of you were many.
They went to and fro.
Working day in and day out.
Just to earn a living.

Many were the rooms.
Many were the floors.
Many were young.
Many were old.

Every movie,
Every news cast
You were there in the background.
Standing above all the beauty of your lines.

Then one day in a blink of an eye.
You lay at the peoples feet.
Shards of glass and metal.
Tomb to many souls.

Your beauty gone.
Your place in the skyline disappeared.
People looking in disbelief.
Clouds of dust covered the ground.

People screamed and yelled.
They fell many to the ground.
Pain was heard many miles away.
As your beauty sank ever slowly to the ground.

No, longer will you stand before us.
No, more will your beauty be seen in the background.
No, longer will you stand for freedom.
You will be forever lost in time.

You will be remembered.
The brave souls who came to rescue you.
The souls who perished.
The hurt and the pain.

You stand in time with only one other.
The souls entombed in that watery grave.
So far away they lay asleep from a day gone by.
So Pearl Harbor and the Trade World Center.
Will long be near.

Our hearts were sad.
Our beings were mad.
Our very freedom attacked.
The lives that were lost.
They were of many faiths.

The men and women.
Dug in the rubble.
They tried to save at least one soul.
To save the dying and calm the weak.

Long will we miss that shot in the movie.
Long will we miss that photo opp with you in the background.
And yet we will move on.
We will pull up our boot straps.
And we will move on.

We will still hurt.
We will still morn.
We will lay flowers where once you stood.
We will cry for our loss.
Our loved ones you took.

But when the sun sets.
And we lay down to sleep.
We know we are stronger.
For the freedom that we seek.

We know that you may be gone.
And we know at times we may cry.
But we know that you stood.
For the principles of Freedom.
And for the that we remember.
And for that we will know.

No, matter if the skyline is gone.
No, matter if the people have died.
No, matter how we felt.
We will still go on.

Heads held high.
Our resolve stronger than before.
Our Unity of humans of a great nation.
Our love of those who gave their all.

The planes that came down.
The souls they claimed.
The brave and the small.
Have truly left a hole.

With all of this.
We say to you.
Thank You for your service.
Thank You for our pride.

We will remember.
We will not forget to celebrate.
The souls life that they took.
Now along with Pearl you will be remembered in books.

And in our minds we will cry.
And in our hearts we will hurt.
Someday we hope this world will be at peace.
And your memory will not be in vain.

And so my friend I say goodbye to you.
As the new found sky.
A look of the future.
Reaching higher in the sky.
Radiate with light to show the way.

As the flag waves.
And freedom rings.
We look to you.
For a better day.

Where Is When

Where the sunshines, there is beauty.
Where the wind blows there is splendor.
Where leaves fall there is wonder.

Where there is water, there is life.
Where there is shade, there is an idea.
Where there is a mountain, there is challenge.

Where life takes you, you are there.
Where death takes you, there you are.
Where the wind takes you, there is tomorrow.

Where you are, there is everything.
Where you have been, you are gone.
Where  you are going, you are not there.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.
Where the body goes, the mind takes you there.
Where you are, there is where you will be.