Walking to close to the water,
Listening to the water crashing against the rocks,
The breeze flowing through long beautiful hair.
The slight smell of salt in the air.

Sun coming up, the rays touching bare skin,
Goose flesh up arms as the cool turns to warm.
Turning toward the sun and walking away,
There seems to be a familiar feeling here.

Suddenly the cry of a crow breaks the silence,
The leaves move in the trees and life begins to move.
The chatter of the morning becomes louder.
The night has slowly faded away to wait its turn.

Wake, O’ Wake the morning and guide this poor soul.
Take the hand and show the way where life is easy,
And the land is peaceful, where answers come.
Wake, O’ Wake sweet peaceful earth.

When you wake make everything the way it was.
Give back the innocence that was lost so long ago,
Heal the those who were scared.

The sun begins to set into the water.
The orange ball looks as if it is dissolving.
The sweet smell of Lilac is in the air.
Sleep comes and night brings darkness to daylight.

O’ sweet love, where were you?
O’ sweet heart, were you broken by time?
O’ sweet life, you have passed us by.
O’ sweet death, you are knocking on the door?

How sweet to have lived, and loved.
Here we will part, Here we will meet again.
Where the water flows free and the peaceful lands will
wrap it’s arms around us.





The Red Road

Once there were Buffalo roaming the grassy plains.
Thousands could be seen on any given day.
Many Moons would pass but the Buffalo would stay.
Moving up and down from grass to mountain and back again.

The streams and rivers ran free and clean.
The water was share with Earth, Animals and Brother.
It healed and cleaned and gave and it took not.
It Winter it would freeze but it would let all in but warm it flowed once again.

The trees shaded and moved the air.
They gave Earth, Animal and Brother life to breathe.
They grow tall and strong.
We use only what we need.

Of all the grass and seeds they are many.
We take only what we need and leave the rest for Earth and Animals.
We make our baskets, pots and clothes from what we take.
The grass and seeds give back again for many Moons.

We trade with Nations on our sides.
They trade with Nations on their sides.
We smoke pipe and sweat in lodge and make peace.
Many Moons pass and Nations have always been at peace.

One day White Man came.
We welcomed him and smoked pipe.
Many Moons passed and White Man trade with Nation.
Then White Man came to Nation and ask for more.

Many Moons have passed since that day.
We smoked many pipes with White Man.
But Peace was broken and Nation divided.
Then Land becomes smaller and everything changes.

White Man no longer smokes pipe.
Buffalo no longer roam on grassy plains.
Grass and Seed have been been lost in the wind.
The tall trees fell one by one and railroad took the Nations.

Now we live on a plot of land.
White man calls a Reservation.
We can not hunt or plant on this polluted soil.
We are left in hunger and without a Nation Pride.

We once Walked The Red Road but now,
We are what is left of the White Man’s Genocide.




This is dedicated to my Niece’s
Louetta Dawn Wilson
Tammy June Hedges

I Love You Both Dearly
Uncle Jamie

Somewhere Tomorrow

The smell of morning.
The Feel of grass on bare feet.
The suns rays on your face.

The laughter in the air.
The love you came home to.
The other world you lived in.

Baseball games at night.
Music on a transistor radio.
Dedicating a song to your girlfriend.


Riding your bicycle all day long.
Laying in the yard at night.
Watching the “lighting bugs.”

Fussing because you had to go to bed.
But you looked out the screen window.
Knowing you would be doing it all again.






My beautiful picture

Photo Credit: Gertie Wells, @1957

I Remember

I remember when there were flowers in your hair.
I remember when we stood side by side against war and racism.
I remember when the police beat us and arrested us.
I remember falling in love with you.
I remember hanging on to every word you spoke.
I remember how we fought and how we loved.
I remember the parks where we met.
I remember the rallies before the march.
I remember the smell in the summer air.
I remember every moment in time.
I remember when it ended.
I remember when we stopped.
I remember everything.
I watch it every day.
I remember.

Conversation In The Dark

I heard you call out to me last night.
I looked but you were not there.
I smelled your perfume in the air.
Yet no one was there.

I felt a touch last night.
I opened my eyes and you were not there.
I could smell your hair.
Yet no one was there.

I saw eyes brown and shining last night.
But you were not there.
I heard the door shut.
Yet no one was there.

I sat on the edge of the bed.
But you spoke no more.
I laid down and closed my eyes.
And still no one was there.

I dream of you last night.
You were smiling at me.
Your hand entwined in mine.
Kissing you ever so gently.

I heard your voice and raised up.
But you were not there.
I felt your touch and glowing eyes.
But no one was there.

Dawn came and was alone.
Looking at the ceiling I knew.
I knew I would never feel those things.
I would never see you and hold you close.

A tear flowed down my cheek.
I looked at your photo standing beside me.
The memories flowed into me like water over a dam.
Yet you were not here.

A single moment in time.
A day without reason or rhyme.
A day of pain and sorrow.
And you were gone.

I promise I will see you again.
Maybe not here.
Maybe not now.
But someday I will see you again.

And no one was there.
But the love in my heart.

For What I Leave You

I am sorry for what I leave you.
This broken world we live in.
I am sorry for the hate.
The ones who will point at you.

I am sorry for the air.
We just could not admit we were wrong.
I am sorry for the water.
We dump everything into the earth.

I am sorry for the pain.
You will feel one day.
I am sorry for the lost Love.
That I can not be there to give.

I am sorry for the wars.
Man can never stop fighting.
I am sorry for the animals.
Others could not understand.

I am sorry that I left you.
But God took my hand.
I am sorry that you are sad.
But one day you will see me again.

I am sorry that life seems not fair.
Some do not believe.
I am sorry for the terror.
Even when it comes in your sleep.

I am sorry for everything.
We left this place worse than we found it.
I am sorry my dear boys.
That Grandpa could not help.

I am sorry someday you will realize.
The things that I write today.
I am sorry for myself.
Because I waited to late to help.

I Love You Very Much.
Know that this is true.
Your Mother knows this love.
For she has share it too.




Photo by: Portrait Innovations 1973