LOST: One Heart

Lost, One Heart,
If found please return to owner.
You will know him by his,
Sad look,
Tear stain face,
Ragged clothes,
Hopeless cries,
Long hair and beard,
Inability to walk,
Always looks down.

This Heart has been missing for forty years.
It is important that it be returned.
This man who suffers from a broken lost heart.
He is about to die but is unable to without his heart.

Lost: One Heart
If found, please return to owner.


The Sum Of Who I Am

I am a sum of my parts?
So what is that?

I look at my hands and they are wrinkled.
They use to be smooth.
I look at my body and I am fat.
I use to be skinny.
I wear glasses.
I never wore glasses before.

So what sum are my parts?
Are they the total of the age that I am?
Or the time that I am in?

I cannot shake the past.
Nor can I stop tomorrow.
For one will become the other.
And the other will be a part.

The eyes see what is in front of them.
They do not judge nor do they lie.
Yet the truth that they tell can hurt.
And the hurt can last a lifetime.

So what is the sum?
If the sum comes from yesterday.
And yesterday comes from today.
How do we change tomorrow?

If tomorrow changes yesterday.
And today marks the new day.
What becomes of the future if tomorrow is changed?

What is the part that is the sum?
What part of the sum is the total?
What equals the sum of the total?
And when does the sum end?

I am the sum of my parts?
Or am I just the sum?

Melanie (My wonderful Daughter) and Me.

Melanie (My wonderful Daughter) and Me.

A Part of me.


Photo by: Barbara J. Wells 2013







The Spirit of Mother Earth

Fields of green.
Cool clear water.
Smell the smoke of the campfire.

Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth.

Taste the sweet apple.
Feel the ground on your spine.
See the beauty of the night sky.

Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth.

Watch the Eagle flying overhead,
Hear the rustling of the leaves.
Drink of the living water.

Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth.

Gone are the mighty Buffalo.
The beauty of the Carolina Parakeet lost.
The Passenger Pigeon no longer flies in the clear blue skies.

Only Man did not listen.
Only Man did not care.

Only Man caused the end of so many.

Mother Earth cries as each one falls.
Mother Earth wraps it’s branches around it as it falls.
Mother Earth is the only one who remembers.

Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth do we still live here.
Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth do breath.
Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth do we still have a place to call home.

“Only for the Spirits of Mother Earth.”
“Only for the Spirits of Mother.”
“Only for the Spirits”
“Only for.”




Morning Love


She slips through the room not a noise does she make.
Her feet glide with beauty and grace.
She opens the curtains to let the new day sun in.
Her head leans back soaking in the sun.

Her heart beating ever so gently as she smiles to herself.
Her arms fold in front of her as if cradling a child.
She turns on one foot to take to the stairs as her gown slides up on the floor.
She smiles as she reaches the mirror on the bedroom door.

She turns again to watch him still sleeping with a smile on his face.
Her breathing becomes heavier as she slips back into bed ever so close.
He is a handsome strong man with dark hair.
His eyes as blue as the sky.

She parts her lips and kisses his neck as she closes her eyes.
Her smile becomes bigger as she pulls closer to his body.
She smells the musk of the love they had made.
She lays her arm around him and pulls herself closer.

He moves his body closer so he can feel her shape wrap around him.
He is not yet awake but the feeling of excitement fills his head.
Her breath on his neck is enough for him to know.
He rolls over with his eyes wide open smiling.

He pulls her close and she moans as his feels his breath on her breast.
His kisses travel down her body and she feels the bumps raise on her skin.
He stops and moves up to pull her to him and he kisses her.
And there is one last moan as they become one.


Someday, Someway, Somewhere

I seen you standing there so tall.
Massive beauty in the skyline.
Proud a Nation to have you.
Many came for care.
Others for prosperity.

Though I never stood next to you.
And had never been near to you.
I have only seen your picture.
Majestic against the sky.

Inside of you were many.
They went to and fro.
Working day in and day out.
Just to earn a living.

Many were the rooms.
Many were the floors.
Many were young.
Many were old.

Every movie,
Every news cast
You were there in the background.
Standing above all the beauty of your lines.

Then one day in a blink of an eye.
You lay at the peoples feet.
Shards of glass and metal.
Tomb to many souls.

Your beauty gone.
Your place in the skyline disappeared.
People looking in disbelief.
Clouds of dust covered the ground.

People screamed and yelled.
They fell many to the ground.
Pain was heard many miles away.
As your beauty sank ever slowly to the ground.

No, longer will you stand before us.
No, more will your beauty be seen in the background.
No, longer will you stand for freedom.
You will be forever lost in time.

You will be remembered.
The brave souls who came to rescue you.
The souls who perished.
The hurt and the pain.

You stand in time with only one other.
The souls entombed in that watery grave.
So far away they lay asleep from a day gone by.
So Pearl Harbor and the Trade World Center.
Will long be near.

Our hearts were sad.
Our beings were mad.
Our very freedom attacked.
The lives that were lost.
They were of many faiths.

The men and women.
Dug in the rubble.
They tried to save at least one soul.
To save the dying and calm the weak.

Long will we miss that shot in the movie.
Long will we miss that photo opp with you in the background.
And yet we will move on.
We will pull up our boot straps.
And we will move on.

We will still hurt.
We will still morn.
We will lay flowers where once you stood.
We will cry for our loss.
Our loved ones you took.

But when the sun sets.
And we lay down to sleep.
We know we are stronger.
For the freedom that we seek.

We know that you may be gone.
And we know at times we may cry.
But we know that you stood.
For the principles of Freedom.
And for the that we remember.
And for that we will know.

No, matter if the skyline is gone.
No, matter if the people have died.
No, matter how we felt.
We will still go on.

Heads held high.
Our resolve stronger than before.
Our Unity of humans of a great nation.
Our love of those who gave their all.

The planes that came down.
The souls they claimed.
The brave and the small.
Have truly left a hole.

With all of this.
We say to you.
Thank You for your service.
Thank You for our pride.

We will remember.
We will not forget to celebrate.
The souls life that they took.
Now along with Pearl you will be remembered in books.

And in our minds we will cry.
And in our hearts we will hurt.
Someday we hope this world will be at peace.
And your memory will not be in vain.

And so my friend I say goodbye to you.
As the new found sky.
A look of the future.
Reaching higher in the sky.
Radiate with light to show the way.

As the flag waves.
And freedom rings.
We look to you.
For a better day.

Where Darkness Runs

Night shot of mountains and lake, Bulgaria

Darkness creeps slowly.
Covering the ground with it shades of gray.
It will cover everything.
Then it will be total darkness.

The mind brings fear in the dark.
Shadows move in and out of sight.
The Midnight Sun hides from your stare.

Then the ears hear a slight brush of leaves.
You turn your head looking quickly into the dark.
Nothing is there yet the hair stands up on your arms.

You try to outrun the thing following you.
It matches your every move.
Your heart beats so hard you can hardly breath.

You stop to listen.
You hear nothing but silence.
Until the leaves move again.

Your body spins around.
The sweat runs down your brow.
There is nothing there.

You climb the steps.
Fumbling the keys you stop to listen.
You hear the steps of shoes on the pavement.

You unlock the door.
Quickly you enter and shut the door.

Locking every lock, pulling all the shades.

You reach for the light switch and stop.
Your breathing is labored.
Your hearing sharp listening for anything.

As you touch the switch.
A hand touches yours.
Your heart beating so hard it is all you can hear.

Your hand is moved away from the switch.
You are moved away deeper in the dark.
You close your eyes as darkness takes you deeper.

Deep in the dark now you are gripped with terror.
The hand runs down your spine.
Chills follow the fingers down your spine and then back up.

As the hand moves in the darkness.
You hear one more slight click.
And then darkness fills your mind.

Artwork Credit: “Evengy Kuklev, Getty Images”

Native Son

Native Son

I am your Native Son.

I hunted this land.
I fished the waters that now run dry.
I lived in peace with my Brother Nations.

I am your Native Son.

I led my people in summer and in winter.
We raised our children without fear.
I was known from Nation to Nation a great man.

I am your Native Son.

You came and took my land.
You took my food.
You took our women.

I am your Native Son.

You sprayed Mother Earth with your chemicals.
You dumped your waste in our water.
And you took more of my land.

I am your Native Son.

You rounded us up and played Nation against Nation.
You put us on Reservations.
You made us learn your ways.

I am your Native Son.

I cry for the Great Spirit to heal Mother Earth.
I sang to the Great Spirit to clean our Water.
I tried to clean the Earth but it is to late.

I am your Native Son.

I live on little land.
I no longer can hunt the great Buffalo.
The fish in the waters and the sky above are full of poison.

I am your Native Son.

This was my Nation long before you came.
This was my World that you took from me.
I am an Alien in my own Nation.

I am your Native Son.

No longer will I be silent.
No longer will I live as you wish.
No longer will I accept your ways.

For I am your Native Son.


Art Credit: “Native American Encyclopedia”

Dedicated to all Native Americans and especially Louetta Wilson and Tammie Hedges.