Unusual Direction To Go

If the first person goes north.
The second person goes south.
The third person goes east.
The fourth person goes west.
Where does that leave the fifth person?

When you look at a box what do you see?
Oh, four sides, that was easy.
But there is a top and a bottom.
So how many sides does a box have?
If you sit the box on the ground.
One side faces north.
One side faces south.
One side faces east.
One side faces west.
The top faces up.
The bottom faces down.

The perception of this exercise is simple.
How do we look at things.
That fifth person could go up or down.
We did not give you any restrictions.
Nor did we tell you that the person was unable to move.
You just figured that if that others went in all the directions available.
The fifth person did not a choice but to just stand there.

This is how we teach today.
You can only go one way.
And if all those ways are taken.
Then there are no other ways to go.

So now we ask you to “think out of the box.”
Except if we were in the box which side should we get out of so we can think?
Better act fast before the other four get out first!


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