Clear Blue Love

She looks towards the clear blue sky.
Her heart full of joy.
The sun warms the love inside her.
The breeze spreads the feeling all around.

Her heart beats strong and hard.
Never has she felt this wonderful.
Never has she longed to capture it.
To keep it and never let it go.

Here within her a feeling.
Joy, Happiness, and Love.
Where did this Love come from?
She wishes to wrap her arms around it.

She knows she never wants to let it go.
This feeling is beyond words.
This place in life cannot be taught.
Yet, she feels it, knows it and it overwhelms her very being.

She looks into that clear blue sky.
Knowing that clearly she knows love.
She knows she is in love.
And that she is loved.

From here it can only grow.
From here it can only get better.
From here Love will guide her.
From Love she will be Free.


©1970 First writing


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