Child O’ Child

A Child
Knows its mothers touch.
Recognizes its mothers speech.
Knows the sent of its mother.

A Child
Knows when its mother fears.
Feels its mothers joy.
Clings to its mothers love.

A Child
Needs a mothers love.
Needs a mothers joy.
Needs the mothers love.

A Child
Has died by the time you read the first verse.
Has cried from hunger since you read the second verse.
Has been beaten since you read the third verse.

A Child
Cannot defend itself.
Cannot walk away.
Cannot say no.

A Child
Who has never seen it mother, father, sister or brother.
Who will never know what joy is.
Who will never feel love of someones arms around them.
Who will never fall in love.
Who will never watch the sun rise or set in awe of its splendor.

A Child
Faceless to us as we will never see them.
Hopeless because we will never help them.
Dead because they were just A Child!


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