They Said

They Said

Don’t look back.
You cannot change once it is done.

They Said

Don’t talk back.
It’s rude and people won’t like you.

They Said

Go to the door to pick up your date.
The parents will not like it if you honk your horn.

They Said

Don’t walk in the middle of the road.
You will get hit by a car.

They Said

Keep your nose clean.
That way you can get a good job.

They said

It would go on your permanent record.
They never said where it is kept.

They Said

Obey the laws and you always be safe.
All the criminals are out of jail and I don’t feel safe.

They Said

When you get older you will understand.
Yeah, is that right, well I am going to dig them up and
make them explain that understand stuff.

They Said

I Love You.
I believe that they do.




*I have always wondered at what age are you no longer considered to be “wet behind the ears?” That is another “They Said!”

Blessings to all bloggers and to my readers.


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