Long Time Coming

380644_3128249717620_1159584007_nSmall town two boys grew up together.
Both had names almost the same.
Friends with tastes almost exactly alike.

Born less than a month apart.
Living just down the street from each other.
Adventures growing up all through the small town.

Never once thought of the future or what it would hold.
Our world was our bike which were alike.
Creeks that held mystery’s and alleys to explore.

Never strayed from what we liked.
We could drive and music was on our minds.
The radio was not enough so 8 tracks came.

Only two tapes between us did we have.
Iron Butterfly and Moody Blues.
Played as loud as we could.

Turned a car over one night
We made it through all those year.
Graduated and moved on.

He would call me and wish me a happy Birthday.
He would live in the north and I in the south.
Then we would be back in the same town again.

As normal he had a daughter.
Brought her over for us to see.
A few month later we had a daughter.

So what can I say after over fifty years.
Our friendship still holds strong.
One for each other, more like brothers.

Friends for life? Yes, rough, yes,
Would I do anything for him. YES.
Do I think he would do the same for me. YES.

We lived through a lot to make it this far.
And still do the same things.
He lives south, I live north.

We both have the same cell phone.
We both have the same cover for the phone.
Do I love him. YES. He is my Brother.

Always will be.



In both photos: (left) James Irl Ramsey, (right) James Earl Wells
*Note, Both middle names are pronounced the same.


Photo Credits:
Top Photo (1967) Gertie Wells
Bottom Photo ( 2011) Barbara Wells


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