Shadows grow larger as the sun goes down.
The mystery of what hides in the shadows eludes us.
We walk faster past those tall scary shadows.

There is no reasoning to walk faster.
There is no proof that in that darkness evil lurks.
There is only our minds’ telling us “run.”

Yet we seek to walk on the side of shadows.
When it just as easy to cross the street into the light.
Is it the passion for the scare or hope of loss?

The shadows never take anything.
They only give the illusion of fear.
They make the mind play back every horror movie.

They come every night and leave every dawn.
And the only thing that they do is grow fear.
In the absence of light they grow.

They are nothing more or nothing less.
They are only a product of our over active minds.
They even take form in our homes.

Shadows grow larger when the sun goes down.
They cast a large fear and our minds run away with it.
Some die from the fear, some sit staring into space.

Yet each day these shadows form.
Just as they did the day before.
And people will hurry through them.

Just as they did the day before.
Never knowing that there is nothing there.



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