Diary Of A Journeyman

Touched by the Spirit.
Chosen by the Master.
Walking the road of past seekers.

The skys are gray with clouds.
The trees and grass green with summer
The wind cold as if it is winters day.

The task was not clear.
The journey was without map.
No, compass given.

Wandering for countless years.
Seeking, looking, and nothing was there.
Soon weary, cold, hungry and without coat.

There before the next climb a cave.
Refuge from the elements.
Yet it was far from the journeys end.

Deep sleep took over.
The dreams were mixed from many lives.
And in all of them there was an answer.

Three day latter, awake and sore.
The journey continues.
But were would it go?

Five days later a stream ran across the path.
Kneeling down and drinking.
The reflection in the water was not a good one.

Moving on the next six months brought only sore feet.
Then there it was, tall pushing it’s way out of the mountain.
A hand. Nothing else but one hand carved in stone.

It meant nothing. It was just a hand.
Setting up camp, building a fire.
Slipping into the makeshift sleeping bag.

There the last breath would be taken.
There the cold would take over.
There the journey would end.

Some would say it had just begun.
No one would find the body.
No one would miss it.

Fifty years would pass.
A group of hikers would come across this spot.
They would gather around and speculate.

In the end they would gather everything.
Dig a hole and bury everything there.
Say some words. Mark the spot.

The stone read simple words for the simple person buried here.
“The Journey brought the journeyman here
Here is where his Journey Ended.”


*Authors Note: Many journeys start on path that we are very passionate about and many things take us from that path and when that path and journey ends it may not have been the place we started out to go. We are still in that journey because that dream is still alive in our minds. As long as we believe then anything is possible. That is why we can write. We express things that we dream of or that we have experience in our journey here. For what it is worth the journey to come is the one after this physical one we have here. It may be the biggest one yet. We will just have to wait and see.


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