Tall Field Of Grass

I lay in a field of tall grass,
I felt the warm sun on my skin.
The warm breeze flows across my face.

I fall into a deep slumber.
There stars shine and the sound of water flowing.
I raise up to see the moon lighting up the world.

There before me, a beautiful figure.
She smiles and walks to me from the shadows.
Her nude body glimmers in the moonlight.

She kneels beside me.
Cradles my head and kisses me.
I feel fire run through my veins.

Her eyes look into mine.
Stealing my every thought.
I feel her slowly and gently entering my body.

Just as I feel the moment of pleasure.
Just as we have become one.
My eyes open again.

The tall grass surrounds me.
The sun warm on my skin.
And I am alone again.



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