I Don’t

I don’t drive down those old dirt roads anymore.
I don’t drive down that old state highway that leads to your front door.

I don’t drive up and down the strip to see old friends.
I don’t drive around the court house.

I don’t drive by the old High School anymore.
I don’t stop to get a coke at the old drive in.

I don’t drive out to City Lake.
I don’t like the daylight anymore.

When I step out at night.
I hear hearts breaking.
Tears falling.
I look to the heavens.
In those stars I see your face.
And in the Midnight Sun I know.
It is all over.

I don’t cry anymore.
I don’t hurt anymore.
I don’t look for you.
I don’t look back for that chance.

I don’t blame you.
I don’t know why.
I don’t when.
I don’t understand.

Yet, in the night the stars,
Reveal your face and your tears.
I hear hearts breaking.
I hear tears falling.
Only in that Midnight Sun.

It burns deep into my soul.
The words, the looks and the loss.
I don’t why.
I don’t when.
I just know that it was

In the Midnight Sun.


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