A Light In The Sky

I sat in a park one day.
I watched a man as he looked up at the sky.
He never moved or said a word.
He only looked up with wide blue eyes.

I returned to my seat the nest day.
There he was as if he had never moved.
Looking up into the clear blue sky.
Never moving or saying a word.

Weeks passed as I watched him.
He stood in that same stop.
Looking up in the same direction.
I looked too but I could never see.

One day he stopped coming.
I thought maybe he was ill.
But after weeks I knew he was gone.
He would never return.

I was restless on the park bench.
I was so use to him being there.
The mystery of his glare in the sky.
His presence always there.

One day I got up.
You could see where he use to stand.
So I stood in his steps and I looked into the sky.
My eyes began to tear up.

When I looked into the sky.
To my amazement in that clear sky.
There was a light.
It shined down on my face.

The warm peaceful feeling.
Warmed my body.
In that light there was a face.
It smiled down on me.

All those years he came here.
Looking for the light.
It filled him with peace.
A hope for a life someday.

Now I come here everyday.
I stand here looking into the sky.
I am filled with joy and peace.
Someday I hope for a better life.


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