Forward, Past Our Future Years

Never look back!
Always move forward!
Do not dwell on your mistakes!
Learn from every moment of life!

Treat each day as if it was your last!
Live each day as if it was yours and yours alone!
Give nothing that you do not want returned.
Speak not ill of anyone for you may only live this day!

Hold tight to those around you!
They are the ones who love you!
Take not one cent from them!
Never leave owing those you love even the smallest coin.

Give only of yourself of which you would expect someone to give of themselves.
When you leave wipe your feet and cover your head.
Only take a shirt and trousers on your journey.
Never take valuables, except for your book, which will be your identification in each town.

When it is time to sleep you must bow on your knees and give thanks for everything you have.
For without the help of the Lord your life would be as the sand in the tide.
Believe and be humble for when it is time for you to come before him you must have your life in order.
And as humble you came humble you will go. This has been told and this is what you will be.

Revised from a paper written in 1969


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