My Confession

I was born in a small town.
I grew up in that small town.
I worked in that small town.

I left that town college was waiting for me.
My goals were in site and my future was there for me.
A year went by and it came crumbling down.
And the military came knocking on my door.

I did not believe in the war.
Yet I did not wish to be away from my home.
Canada is where I could go.
But a fugitive I would become.

In battle I would avoid but bringing home the wounded.
That would be my job.
A terrible thing to watch men die and others loose limbs.
That was my job and I thank God that I did my job well.

Then the Reserves I would go. Watching men build.
Others practice there skills. Not as bad as before.
Then one day I had enough.
I left to move on but the all the jobs between had took it toil.

I sweat, I dream, I sit awake all night.
I see each one even though I do not know there name.
Some say I am a hero. There is no hero in the things I have done.
Many have died in my arm. Many tears I have fell down my cheeks.

The faces come at night in my dreams, the screams are loud above the machinery.
The blades cut through the air, a hand reaches out and I take it.
They ask am I going to make it? Before I answer I ask God to forgive the lie.
I tell him yes, hold on we will be there in just a minute.

I was a Medic in the Army.
I was a EMT at a Hospital
I was a Police Officer in a City.
I was a Deputy Sheriff in a County.

I had to give it all up because I could not take what I was seeing.
The pain, the suffering.
I ask God to forgive me if I ever was wrong.
This is my Confession. God help me if I was wrong

For This Is My Confession.
I Ask For Your Forgiveness.


Photo: Unknown


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