The Sum Of Who I Am

I am a sum of my parts?
So what is that?

I look at my hands and they are wrinkled.
They use to be smooth.
I look at my body and I am fat.
I use to be skinny.
I wear glasses.
I never wore glasses before.

So what sum are my parts?
Are they the total of the age that I am?
Or the time that I am in?

I cannot shake the past.
Nor can I stop tomorrow.
For one will become the other.
And the other will be a part.

The eyes see what is in front of them.
They do not judge nor do they lie.
Yet the truth that they tell can hurt.
And the hurt can last a lifetime.

So what is the sum?
If the sum comes from yesterday.
And yesterday comes from today.
How do we change tomorrow?

If tomorrow changes yesterday.
And today marks the new day.
What becomes of the future if tomorrow is changed?

What is the part that is the sum?
What part of the sum is the total?
What equals the sum of the total?
And when does the sum end?

I am the sum of my parts?
Or am I just the sum?

Melanie (My wonderful Daughter) and Me.

Melanie (My wonderful Daughter) and Me.

A Part of me.


Photo by: Barbara J. Wells 2013








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