Morning Love


She slips through the room not a noise does she make.
Her feet glide with beauty and grace.
She opens the curtains to let the new day sun in.
Her head leans back soaking in the sun.

Her heart beating ever so gently as she smiles to herself.
Her arms fold in front of her as if cradling a child.
She turns on one foot to take to the stairs as her gown slides up on the floor.
She smiles as she reaches the mirror on the bedroom door.

She turns again to watch him still sleeping with a smile on his face.
Her breathing becomes heavier as she slips back into bed ever so close.
He is a handsome strong man with dark hair.
His eyes as blue as the sky.

She parts her lips and kisses his neck as she closes her eyes.
Her smile becomes bigger as she pulls closer to his body.
She smells the musk of the love they had made.
She lays her arm around him and pulls herself closer.

He moves his body closer so he can feel her shape wrap around him.
He is not yet awake but the feeling of excitement fills his head.
Her breath on his neck is enough for him to know.
He rolls over with his eyes wide open smiling.

He pulls her close and she moans as his feels his breath on her breast.
His kisses travel down her body and she feels the bumps raise on her skin.
He stops and moves up to pull her to him and he kisses her.
And there is one last moan as they become one.



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