Missing Pages (Books That Helped Me Through Life) Part 2

For those looking for answers or just looking I recommend that you check out the following books.These are not necessarily in the order in which you should read them. That is up to you. These were books that were omitted from my previous post. Sorry.


Title Publisher Author, Translator, Editor If Any
JPS Tanakh (Hebrew-English) Jewish Publication Society  
The Lost Books of the Bible and Forgotten Books of Eden Thomas Nelson Publishing  
James The Brother of Jesus Penguin Robert Eisenman


I will add a few more when I can find them.  And yes, I have read each and every one of these books. In fact some of these selections more than once, hazard of getting old. You have to refresh your memory.
I have actually read the Bible twenty six times from cover to cover in more than one version. There are those who say no one has ever done this. I say they are crazy however; My Father read the King James Bible from Cover to Cover seven times and could recite each and every scripture without looking. I did not inherit the ability to remember as well as he could.


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