Where Darkness Runs

Night shot of mountains and lake, Bulgaria

Darkness creeps slowly.
Covering the ground with it shades of gray.
It will cover everything.
Then it will be total darkness.

The mind brings fear in the dark.
Shadows move in and out of sight.
The Midnight Sun hides from your stare.

Then the ears hear a slight brush of leaves.
You turn your head looking quickly into the dark.
Nothing is there yet the hair stands up on your arms.

You try to outrun the thing following you.
It matches your every move.
Your heart beats so hard you can hardly breath.

You stop to listen.
You hear nothing but silence.
Until the leaves move again.

Your body spins around.
The sweat runs down your brow.
There is nothing there.

You climb the steps.
Fumbling the keys you stop to listen.
You hear the steps of shoes on the pavement.

You unlock the door.
Quickly you enter and shut the door.

Locking every lock, pulling all the shades.

You reach for the light switch and stop.
Your breathing is labored.
Your hearing sharp listening for anything.

As you touch the switch.
A hand touches yours.
Your heart beating so hard it is all you can hear.

Your hand is moved away from the switch.
You are moved away deeper in the dark.
You close your eyes as darkness takes you deeper.

Deep in the dark now you are gripped with terror.
The hand runs down your spine.
Chills follow the fingers down your spine and then back up.

As the hand moves in the darkness.
You hear one more slight click.
And then darkness fills your mind.

Artwork Credit: “Evengy Kuklev, Getty Images”


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