I Would

I would ask you to call.
But it is to late now.
I would like to see you.
But I walked away.

I would love you again.
But I hear the fault was mine.
I would always be there for you.
But I broke your heart.

I would say I’m sorry.
But you would never hear it.
I would walk until I found you.
But you would move before I got there.

I would marry you.
But I made my feelings known.
I would kiss you everyday.
But you won’t let me get close.

I would do all these things.
But I was the one who ended it.
I would do more for you than ever.
But I broke your heart and you kept mine.

I would, if only.
I would, if I.
I would, how can I.
I would, but you are gone.
I would, I am alone.
I would, I would, I.


I am alone.
I am.



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