Long Time Waiting

It has been a long time since we talked.
It has been years since I’ve seen you.
It has been lonely here without you.

It hurts to think of all these years.
I do not know if you will have me again.
My heart aches while you are gone.

Just when I found you.
I found the hurt I cause you.
And I hurt again because of you.

I would love you if you would let me.
I would lay with you without hesitation.
I would run at your every request.

Just when I was ready to reach out.
You were gone again.
Never leaving a trail to follow.

You are with God now.
And I am here without you.
A pain I can barely stand.

I wanted to speak to you one more time.
I wanted to look in your eyes again.
And I wanted to say I am sorry.

Those words have been stolen.
That look will never be.
I am still sorry for the pain I gave you.

Will you save me a place close to you?
Where I can take your hand and look into your eyes.
And once an for all tell you how I feel.
This I promise, This I will do, All just for you.


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