Life is but a journey that leads us to many destinations.
Along this journey it imprints many things in our minds.
Good, bad or indifferent these memories are with us.

We try to to teach these things to our children.
Hoping they will teach their children in kind.
Adding their journey to the one we leave them.

Man invented time.
Some say time is relevant!
Others as relevant to what?

When we look at time and our journey.
We find that time is only relevant when it is through.
When our candle no longer burns.

That time can never be measured.
As none of us know when that time may come.
For we are not promised tomorrow.

Hopefully we will experience of a lifetime,
Before  our time has run out.
And that we can pass it on to our loved ones.

To the Native American time was measured by the moon.
The more of these moons you had seen meant that not only were you old.
But that you were very wise.

They always looked for the elders to hear what they had to teach.
And so the mouth to ear history was a way of life to them.
Many of those tales have gone because of the lack of sharing.

It is not the fault of the young or the old.
But the fault lies on the people who separated these people.
So time may be relevant!

And when I lay down to sleep at night I know morning may not come.
But I know that I have lived and traveled my journey well.
And I have given my story to my children and they will give to theirs.

Time is Relevant?
Time is?


4 thoughts on “Time

  1. billgncs says:

    even the ancients knew the value of time, not measured in the second but the season.

    • You are so right. Many civilizations used a measurement of time that did not include seconds or hours. I think I like those better than what we have today.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Xtn12Ffgm2j says:

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